Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

What Needs Funding Now

Our costs are going up, significantly more than the usual inflationary increases. In 2019 we gave out over $80,000 of financial aid, $20,000 more than ever before. This is good; we've been trying to attract more needy, qualified students. We expect this financial aid need to continue but it means $20,000 less tuition income per year.

Next we are holding camp in the East in 2020 and probably in the West in 2021. These areas are more expensive for hosting a camp than the middle of the country.

Finally, administrative costs are going up as we continue to systematize operations for longevity (pay for more staffing, more expert advice, and more administrative software) as the original organizers of the camp step back.

We estimate that even after a noticeable raise in tuition rate, next summer's tuition will at best cover all but financial aid. Interest and dividends from the reserve will help fill the gap but to a limited degree, given the current historically low interest rates. So we think we are looking for $50,000 of donations to cover the remaining financial aid. If we are fortunate to get more in donations than the actual tuition deficit, the excess will go to build up the reserve further.

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