Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Comments

MathPath 2017 held at Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley MA
June 25 – July 23, 2017

These are direct quotes from the student final survey taken in 15 minutes on the last Saturday. Students were replying to the prompt

Anything else you want to tell us? (Particularly thoughtful or striking statements may be quoted anonymously on our website or flyers. Write legibly!) Any suggestions you want to make? Thank you!

We have attempted to include all the interesting points made by students, including in a few negative comments. We have edited out most references to individual people and to to local events that people who were not there are not likely to understand. Also, a small vertical skip between paragraphs indicates the same student is continuing to write; a large space indicates a new student writer.

It was really fun here at MathPath. The emphasis on breadth over depth here provided a unique opportunity to look at a broad spectrum from different areas of mathematics under a new angle. This camp is unique and has demonstrated that even if some things are difficult, you will eventually understand it and certainly come back to it for many years to come. Thank you everyone who made MathPath an amazing one month for me and amazing one month for many others! Also the faculty staff and counselors were witty, brilliant and amazing. Listen to the plenaries and have fun through the month while it lasts.

Smart people are really interesting and there are a lot of them here.

I think there should be activities during afternoon free time and activities during evening free time because it was like that in 2016 and that was a really fun thing.

[We made a deliberate decision before the 2017 camp to make the afternoon free time relatively unstructured so that students (and counselors) could slow down a little and avoid the frenetic pace in 2016. Sure enough, not everybody liked the change.]

MathPath is amazing. I've learned so much math, and met people who are just as nerdy as I am. It's been so much fun.

MathPath had its highs and lows this year, but so does life. I'm happy I came, and I had| a lot of fun while learning a lot. I'm extremely grateful to the MathPath senior staff.

At this camp, I made a lot of friends that wouldn't think of me as being a nerd but instead someone who they could relate to also.

MathPath was a great experience, because I got to see the landscape of mathematics, and how to to think about it.

The writing plenaries were rarely helpful. Some of the fourth week plenaries were too technical. My dorm was pathetic compared with some other people's dorms. The Six Flags trip was not well-organized at all. I feel like there should be slightly more conferencing time and less writing plenaries.

Right before MathPath started I was really worried since last year had been absolutely incredible and I was afraid that this year wouldn't be nearly as great. After all, I thought such an amazing experience only happens once a lifetime. But it turns out I had worried all for nothing. This year's MathPath was one of the best experiences of my life. I didn't just learn math. I also found a safe, welcoming community. I'm extremely lucky to have been able to participate in MathPath. Thanks.

Prof. Adams talk [Prof. Colin Adams of Williams College] was one of the most entertaining I remember at MathPath and I think it was enjoyed by almost everyone.

MY MIND WAS BLOWN REPEATEDLY! I made lots of friends and had lots of fun! I really hope to come back next year!

It was a great experience, and I suggest bringing some of the counselors back. I would like afternoon activities as well as evening activities.

MathPath was great! I would love it if MathPath was much longer (like a year)! It really feels like a day since I came, but also feels like a year. I made great friends. I had so much fun learning everything (including origami).

I might not be able to come next year because I missed a lot of events while I was here but if I can come I will.

MathPath was great!! I also learned a bunch of stuff in MathPath other than math such as solving the Rubik's cube, doing my laundry, and shuffling.

After coming to MathPath I know I will work on the QT for next year is much as I can so I can come back! Thank you so much!

I wish there were more indoor free time activities.

Dr T's pullouts for returnees made my month.[Dr T = George Thomas, the founder of MathPath; this was advanced history course for those students who already heard the plenary history course] Have him do more of them!

Dr. Wolfram's talk was one of the best (i.e. not the best). Have him come for longer and do a breakout!

MathPath is a great place where kids who love math meet mathematicians who love kids. It should stay that way. Some of the teachers this year seem to be impatient and aggressive with some kids. That needs to be fixed.

MathPath was absolutely awesome! Even though it was my second time around, it was actually better than the first one, because I understood more of the math. I think this is an amazing camp with a lot of math but also a lot of fun. I'm going to be "campsick" when I get home! Thank you for doing this!

1. Thank you cafeteria staff! I get the feeling you guys don't get appreciated enough but I loved the food.

2. I think I learned a lot more once I realized I wasn't in the top 0.5% at this camp.

Could get better food. However, everything else was AMAZING.

A lot of the plenaries went too fast and were too hard to follow.

MathPath was the best month of my life. It was rich in academics as well as recreation. I'm grateful it was my first overnight camp because everyone here was simply amazing. At first I was stressed over the thought of not keeping up with others and being left behind. After all, in a sea of geniuses, where did I belong? However after a while I began to realize it wasn't how smart you were that mattered, but who you are and what you did that truly mattered here. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to attend such an amazing camp.

I had a really good time this month. I have learned so much math I had never heard of before MathPath. By broadening my scope, MathPath has made me many times smarter, though I may feel a lot dumber. I would recommend this camp to anyone who thinks they are good at math and are sick of not having any math friends to talk with.

This camp is, by far, the best I have attended. I would like the writing plenaries to feature other writing examples (more clear topics in mathematical writing) besides QT answers.

I think we should have had much less free time and more breakout/math time. We don't need approximately four hours of nothing/evening activities!

Some of the breakouts and lectures were also not as serious and math complex as I would have liked. For a serious math camp there shouldn't be options for students to do basic/purely fun classes that they could find anywhere.

Overall the camp was great. There were some gems (breakouts that were amazing) that are truly unique to MathPath.:)

Planar Graphs and Projective Geometry were really fun and thought-provoking classes! Thank you so much for providing them!

There was a lot of homework, and not enough time to understand and fully absorb and think about problems. Dr T was my favorite person, and there were too many classes I could pick. Show and Tell was always painful, and the classes I could not take are attempting me to come back next year.

I hope you can have more competition-themed courses.

Suggestion – more application classes. George's class [George Abraham, a counselor whom we allowed to give an experimental, advanced, one week breakout course on differential equations in biology] was really fun! MathPath is an amazing place to learn theory, and have fun with it.

I wish it was longer and we didn't have to call home.[But another student wrote he wished they could call home for 30–60 minutes instead of 5–10 minutes.]

MathPath was an amazing summer program that highered my expectations for every other camp!

You don't have to understand everything to be intrigued by it.

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