Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Comments

MathPath 2016 held at Macalester College
Saint Paul MN
June 26 – July 24, 2016

MathPath was an eye opener for me. I'd never seen before how abtract and beautiful math can be. I made many new friends and learnt more than I would have in a whole year. For the first time I met people who shared my passion for math. I felt at home and like I'd found my people.

When I came for my first year, I didn't have much confidence. My two years at MathPath helped me grow in not only math but also maturity. It has been one of the most important experiences for my growth as an individual and a mathematical mind.

Thak you so much for another great year at MathPath! I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone interested in math. I would ove to come back for a third year, but I am unfortunately too old. Thank you so much. MathPath has had a huge influence on my life. The mathPath month is a month which I consider one of the best in the year. Agaian, thank you so much.

MathPath is super awesome and fun and its awesome how everyone likes math.

MathPath is awesome. Though the math was a bit easy for me I learned a lot, particularly the proof-reading plenaries.

MathPath was so fun that it went by too quickly for me to even realize how fun it was.

MathPath gives us a chance to learn different areas of math of our choosing, so we can try new things and decide what appeals to us. It also give everyone knowledge of the history of math, so we know where what we learn comes from, while allowing us to have fun with others like us.

Thank you so much. Finally I am not a "nerd" anymore. Here math is cool.

Living conditions horrible, But the math makes it all worth it. Teachers are great and counselors are swag.

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