Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14 years
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Comments

MathPath 2011 held at Colorado College
Colorado Springs CO
June 26 – July 24, 2011

On this page are comments about MathPath itself. Some MathPathers have also been to other summer math programs and in 2010 we asked them for comparisons; for those 2010 comparative comments, click here.

When I first came I thought everyone else would be amazingly smart and obsessed with math, but scary. But...they all turned out to be these insanely awesome people that made my camp experience amazing, and that extends to staff and counselors too, not just campers.

I love the comradeship I felt here.

MathPath is a wonderful camp especially for kids who haven't attended a math camp before. It's like traveling back to where you belong, where you fit in when you know about Fibonacci and everyone knows what you mean when you talk about trigonometry. I love the environment here, the math as well as friends. Thank you for a great summer!

This was my first sleepaway camp and I had a really awesome time. Even just meeting all the cool people here was awesome, not to mention the really cool math. It was a lot different from home, but not in a bad way. I wish I could come back, but I'm 14. The counselors were really nice.

This is the life I never had.

MathPath is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. I came thinking it would just be boring, but its made me a new person.

MathPath was great. I almost forgot about my family.

Although Mathπath was the last thing I would've done during the summer, my thoughts have changed. This camp is an enormous opportunity to learn new math as well as to make friendships from all around the nation. If you thought you were the smartest kid in the world, just come here and you'll see many people just as smart as you and even more.

At first I wasn't so sure I wanted to come, but now I wish I never had to leave.

This was a very fun month, even though I was away from my relatives, getting to socialize with others like me and the variety of great courses and lectures made this well worth the time spent on the Qualifying Test.

I liked all of the camp, and got much better at social interactions with nerds.

MathPath creates an environment that is truly unique: it takes math, great people, and fun, mashes them together and viola! You have a MathPath class.

We also got some answers to the following specific question: If a friend at home asks you, "What is this MathPath you went to?", what would you say? Some answers:

It's this really cool math camp where I got to do math all day but, dude, we did so much cool stuff like rafting and rock climbing! It was awesome!

It was an awesome nerd camp that wasn't so nerdy.

I would say that Mathπath is a unique experience in which we learned many things about math, and learned to how survive outside of home, and make new friends.

It's the world's best math camp, dude.

It was a very fun camp, designed to mathematically enrich you with fun amply incorporated into the schedule. I hope to return.

I would say it is a very good camp that makes you POWERFUL!

A camp that, for the first time, made me feel more average and I could push myself more.

A math camp for awesome nerds, like me!

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