Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14 years
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Comments

Mathpath 2010 held at Macalester College
Saint Paul MN
June 27 – July 25, 2010

On this page are the general comments about MathPath itself. Some MathPathers had also been to other math programs; for their comments comparing two camps, click here.

When I went to MathPath, it felt like I went through the wardrobe door into an amazing new world of mathematical ideas. Thanks again for having made my year.

I really enjoyed MathPath. The thought of spending a month away from home first intimidated me, but I now realize that it is nothing in the face of a fun and highly educational camp. At the end of this wonderful adventure of AIMEs, biking, and geometry, i can accurately and definitely say that I have learned more math at MathPath than in all of elementary and middle school. Thank you.

MP is such a great camp. Since I'm homeschooled, I don't ordinarily get to spend much time around kids my age who share my interests, and I often feel kind of lonely. That's why it's so refreshing to come to MathPath. Thanks so much for a great camp!

It's a really fun math camp covering off-the-beaten-path topics...I underestimated how many people would be like me – a lot!

This month turned out to be an awesome experience.

When I first signed up, I really signed up for the rafting that I saw pictures of on the MathPath brochure. After I decided to go and got accepted, I started to realize that MathPath really meant math. I was scared to come, scared to do only math, and scared to leave my family. I was convinced that I would hate it. But almost immediately upon arriving, I started to have a lot of fun. I quickly (well, quickly for me) got over my homesickness and now I'm so sad about leaving. I hope and wish that I can come again next year. I LOVE MathPath.

These kids might seem weird to others, but my love for math has only made me love their friendship. I trust that some of these friendships will last forever.

MathΠath should be longer, maybe infinitely long.

MathΠath is a camp where we do fun math problems, hang out with other nerds, and generally have a great time.

MathΠath is amazing. It's the best summer camp I've ever been to and I've been to quite a few. I'm really glad I came.

It's simply amazing how quickly these past four weeks have passed by.

If we do "Stand on the Shoulders of Giants", then MathPathers will be the giants our children will stand on.

[About returning for a 2nd year] I'm so glad I decided to come to MathPath again this year. Even though some of the lectures were repeats of last year, I still got a lot out of them. Plus, there were a lot of interesting breakouts this year. Overall, I think I had even more fun this year than I did last year, which is saying a lot.

I had a great time here with many other mathy kids like me. I wish I could come back next year, but I'll be 15 then. Thank you again! I love the variety of topics that were available.

Did we get any negative comments? Yes, one:

It was a long, hard math camp, kinda fun, but still really long and tough.

We also got some answers to the following specific question: If a friend at home asks you, "What is this MathPath you went to?", what would you say? Some answers:

I went to a math camp that would blow your socks off. I learned that math is more than just arithmetic and trig and calculus.

It is amazing but hard. I've met so many people here who I hope to stay in touch with. I've never been around a group of this size that is as smart as me or even smarter!

This freakin' awesome math camp that I went to.

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