Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14 years
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Comments

Mathpath 2009 held at Colorado College
Colorado Springs CO
June 28 - Jul 26, 2009

From Lloyd "Soup" Campbell, who said we could quote him by name:

The amount of fun = the amount of math.

The coolest kids here are the smartest kids, which applies to everyone.

The rest of the quotes on this page are from the anonymous endcamp survey.

General student comments:

  • At MathPath you get to meet other kids just like you and experience both math and fun wrapped into one awesome month.
  • It's somewhere you can go and not feel different.
  • I have really enjoyed my 2 years at MathPath. This place is like my own nerd Disneyland and I wish my school could be like this. Yearlong MathPath would be the best.
  • I really, really enjoyed MathPath. It's been the best camp I've ever been too. I liked how there was a balance between math and fun.
  • An amazing math camp that allows you to have fun and enrich your knowledge of mathematics.
  • MathPath is a really fun place where I learned tons of cool math and had lots of fun with new friends.
A comment in answer to the question Do you wish you had stayed for only 2 weeks?
  • DEFINITELY NOT. There is no way one can build the same MathPath experience in only 2 weeks. You miss out on learning more and making friends. For example, you only get used to the schedule by Week 1 and find your group of friends by Week 2.
(Of all 67 4-week campers, only one said 2 weeks would have been better, and 2 others said maybe, they had fun but they missed home.)

We also asked the campers if they had attended other math camps, and if so, would they compare them. Here are all the answers we got.

  • MP vs Awesome Math
    • MathPath is a lot better because you can choose what you want to learn based on your own individual needs.
  • MP vs CTY
    • CTY Math Sequence: In Math Sequence there was not as much variety in what you did; at MathPath you get to choose the courses you are interested in.
    • Compared to CTY, MP is more advanced and challenging.
    • MP is more math-centered and enrichment centered.
    • MP has harder math and more organized activities than CTY.
    • MathPath was better.
    • One thing I loved about CTY were the "socials", which were every Friday night, for instance, dance parties.
    • I prefer MathPath over CTY. MathPath has more variety in courses to satisfy camper's needs or requests.
  • MP vs EPGY
      EPGY was not as good as MathPath; the students weren't as mathematics-oriented and the subject matter wasn't as interesting.

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