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Remote MathPath 2020

This page will contain links to all necessary information for Remote MathPath 2020. Please do not use links or pages from our homepage or anywhere else on the website as they may not have been redirected properly.

MathPath 2020 will be held remotely from Sunday, July 5 through Saturday, July 25. Click here for a message from our Interim Executive Director.

Daily and Weekly Schedule. Students will be expected to attend MathPath programming on Monday-Saturday, with optional activities offered on Sundays. The program schedule will be mostly the same on Monday - Friday.

Weekday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

The activities and schedule for Sundays (July 12 and 19) will be finalized while the program is in session, and will be announced to students and families with sufficient notice for planning. We design these days with student interests in mind to create activities that will appeal to as many participants as possible.

Sunday, July 5 will be the Opening and Orientation Day, with required attendance of all students and open to attendance of family members. We expect Orientation to be scheduled from 1:00pm-5:30pm EDT (10:00am-2:30pm PDT). A finalized announcement will be sent to families in June.

Saturday, July 25 will be the Closing Ceremonies, with required attendance of all students and open to attendance of family members. The schedule for July 25 will be released to families in July.

Faculty & Academic Program. Breakouts will contain approximately 10-16 students each, with one or two counselors present in each breakout along with one faculty member who is the instructor for the course.

2020 Faculty

2020 Breakout Information

Counselors. Counselor groups will average around 8 students, and will meet regularly throughout the day. We strive to build good relationships between all students at MathPath, and between staff and all students at MathPath, and intend for this to continue to be the case in a remote model. Counselors will be present in Breakouts, during Plenaries, and also will be planning and facilitating most of the Activities throughout MathPath.

Required Forms & Submissions. All forms will be due no later than June 15, 2020 for students planning to attend Remote MathPath. Please carefully follow these instructions for submitting completed forms.

Registration & Fees. All students planning to attend Remote MathPath must submit the new Registration Form that will be sent via email. If you do not receive this form, please contact Program Director April Verser via email at The all-inclusive cost of the program is $2200, less any reductions due to early payment or sibling enrollment. Registration and full payment is due no later than May 31, 2020. Refunds of overpayment will be issued upon registration.

Financial Aid. Financial aid, in most cases, will be computed as described on our Fees and Financial Aid page, except aided tuition will be only 3% of adjusted taxable income rather than 4%.

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