Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Plenaries for 2019

8:30 am, Tues-Sat 

  There are history plenaries throughout the program, by Glen (Prof Van
  	Brummelen) for the first two weeks, covering up through medieval
  	Islamic mathematics, followed by Coach D (Tom Drucker) in week 3, 
  	then Deborah Kent in week 4. There was also a series of "pull out"
  	lectures for returnees in week 2 by Prof D (Matt DeLong).

10:45 am, Tues-Sat 

  The main mathematics plenary of the day. 

  Week 1: Paul Zeitz, University of San Francisco, will present
          the kick-off lecture, Counting Connections and the World's Second-Hardest Math Question, on Monday, July 1.

          From Tuesday, July 2 to Saturday, July 6, Sam Vandervelde, Proof School, San Francisco, will
          continue with a series of talks:
               Finding the middle of a Fibonacci sequence,
               Break up of a breakout, 
               King Alephonso and the Ridiculous Request,
	       Graphing groups in the projective plane, and
               It is impolite to point.
  Week 2: A variety of speakers:

          Tue July 09:	 Amy Shell-Gellash, Eastern Michigan University
                         The Non-Uniqueness of the Mayan Number System

          Wed July 10:   David Klanderman, Calvin College
                         Conway's Rational Triangles

          Thu July 11:   Owen Byer, Eastern Mennonite University
                         Invariants and Monovariants

          Fri July 12:   Matt Boeklins, Grand Valley State University
                         Fibonacci's Garden

          Sat July 13:   Randall Prium, Calvin College
                         The Anti-Games Strike Back

  Week 3: A variety of speakers:

         Tue July 16:	 Stacy DeRuiter, Calvin College
                         State-switching Models for Animal Behavior and Repsonses to Disturbance

          Wed July 17:   David Austin, Grand Valley State University
                         A Tale of Trees, Teeth, and Time

          Thu July 18:   Erin Militzer, Ferris State University
                         Cops and Robbers on Graphs

          Fri July 19:   Lara Pudwell, Valparaiso University
                         What's in Your Wallet!?

          Sat July 20:   Shelly Smith, Grand Valley State University
                         Become a Mathematical Mind Reader

  Week 4: A variety of speakers:

          Tue July 23:   Will Dickinson/REU, Grand Valley State University
                          What is a Research Experience for Undergraduates?

          Wed July 24:   Lauren Keough, Grand Valley State University
                         The Mathematics of Tic-Tac-Toe

          Thu July 25:   Melinda Koeling, Western Michigan University
                         Computational Neuroscience: Mathematics and the Study of the Brain

          Fri July 26:   Jon Hodge, Grand Valley State University
                         Trouble in Democracy: How Mathematics Can Help Identify and Solve Problems with Voting

          Sat July 28:   Jon Rogness, University of Minnesota
                         Tweety Bird

2:45 pm, Tues-Fri 

	 Writing and Proof mini-plenaries (30 minutes) by Prof D (Matt DeLong), 
	 mostly using examples from student work on the Qualifying Test.

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