Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Plenaries for 2017

8:30 am, Tues-Sat 

  There are history plenaries throughout the program, by Glen (Prof Van
  	Brummelen) for the first two weeks, covering up through medieval Islamic
  	mathematics, and during the last two weeks by Coach D (Prof Thomas
  	Drucker), continuing up through the current day.

10:45 am, Tues-Sat 

  The main mathematics plenary of the day. 

  Week 1: Prof James Propp, University of Massachusetts Lowell,  
          will present the kick-off lecture on Monday, June 26, on
          In Praise of Childish Things.

          From Tuesday, June 27, to Saturday, July 1, Dr Sam Vandervelde,
          Proof School, San Francisco, will be offering a series of talks:
               A Most Elegant Identity,
               Games People Play,
               A Brief History of Pi,
               How to Be Irrational, and
               Proof By Number.
          To see Dr V's slides for his plenaries, click here.

  Week 2: From Tuesday, July 4, to Saturday, July 8, Prof Paul Zeitz,
          University of San Francisco, will be offering a series of talks:
               Overview: big numbers, infinities, and weird conclusions
               The pigeonhole principle on steroids
               The axiom of choice and baby Banach-Tarski
               The free group and teenage Banach-Tarski, and
               Rotations and adult Banach-Tarski.
        For a written version of his Banach-Tarksi exposition,click here.

  Week 3: From Tuesday, July 11, to Friday, July 14, Prof Keith Conrad,
          University of Connecticut, will be offering a series of talks:
               Patterns That Don't Last,
               Continued Fractions,
               Pell's Equation, and
               The ABC Conjecture.
          Sat July 15: Prof Margaret Robinson, Mount Holyoke College,
                       The Wonderful World of p-adic Numbers:
                       Where the Continuous Meets the Discrete.

  Week 4: A variety of speakers:

          Tues July 18:  Prof James Propp, University of Massachusetts Lowell
                         From Jumping Pigs to Exploding Dots.
          Wed July 19:   Colin Adams, Williams College
                         "Blown Away: What Knot to Do When Sailing"
                         by Sir Randolph Bacon III, cousin-in-law to Colin Adams.
          Thu July 20:   Jennifer Beichman, Smith College
                         Why You Can't Hear in 2 Dimensions: 
                         A Brief Introduction to the Wide World of Waves.
          Fri July 21:   Jessica Sidman, Mount Holyoke College
                         How Do We Get to the Line at Infinity?
          Sat July 22:   Jordan Tirrell, Mount Holyoke College  
                         Probability Puzzles

2:45 pm, Tues-Fri 

	 Writing and Proof mini-plenaries (30 minutes) by 
	 Mr M (Prof Stephen Maurer), mostly using examples from 
	 student work on the Qualifying Test. To see his occasional 
	 TeXed documents (but not any student work) click here.


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