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Parent Comments!




MathPath 2019, held at Grand Valley State University
Allendale MI
June 30 – July 28

Below we give a selection of comments from two sources. The first source is unsolicited thank you notes we got from parents by email when we sent out our summary letters about their children's experiences at MathPath. The second source is the anonymous parent survey, sent out this year a month after camp ended. We quote several replies to the question, how do you answer another parent who asks "What is MathPath? Was it a good experienced for your child?" Many quotes are edited slightly to preserve anonymity and for brevity.

On the survey we also asked for numerical ratings for 3 things. That data is summarized here.


My daughter got to know about MathPath through a math contest and discussed attending it with us. We were wondering if she could survive a ONE MONTH Math Camp as she is not the most independent person. But, out of curiosity, we did some research and it looked very interesting, which is why we finally made the decision to send her. Now, when we look back, we felt that was amazing decision. It gave her a different perspective on math and had a very positive impact on her. She enjoyed all the facets of the camp - from knowledgeable breakout sessions, challenging problems of the day and fun filled weekend activities. Besides math, faculty and counselors were very supportive and she met very good likeminded, Math enthusiastic friends. AWESOME!!!

   Parent from Toronto

Glad to inform that our daughter reached home [overseas] safely today morning.

And yes she is happy and we wish to hear all her experiences at least for few more weeks to come..

No doubt that she has learn a lot and now is part of bigger Math lovers family.

Gratitude to all organizers for their hard work for making camp successful.

No words can describe kind support, love she has received throughout camp.

Special thanks to April for her personal attention to get new spectacles for our daughter.

She will carry these memories for rest oed professors, enjoying available delicious local food specially cheese pizza and many more...f life, apart from Maths she has learnt many more things during camp like being with group, facing unexpected issues, taking care of self by her own, interaction with world renown

All the best to MathPath team for all such future camps.

Our daughter is so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend MathPath twice. Both experiences have been phenomenal in so many ways. She has grown and matured so much mathematically and socially with the camp's encouraging academic environment and its outstanding instructors, counselors and staff. She has also met many exceptional students at the camp who share her interests and has found her "tribe" at MathPath. The amount of organization and attention to detail that camp staff exhibit gave us the confidence that the students will be looked after and provided a very safe environment, from arrival to departure.

Thanks to all MathPath faculty, staff and counselors for all your dedicated work. We are glad that our son had this precious opportunity. His experience at MathPath was priceless and he learned a lot from it. We are so proud of him for doing great for the first time in his life leaving home for one month!

Thank you so much for the experience our daughter had at MathPath. She is our second child to attend MathPath (and I hope not the last), and like her brother, she found MathPath to be stimulating, challenging, and eye-opening. But this was especially meaningful for her. I thought learning some cool math without the "oversight" of her brothers might really help her find her own love of math. Prior to MathPath, she thought she loved math--similar to a middleschool crush. Now she knows what it really means to love math. Every night, the phone call refrain was the same: "My mind is being blown!" You have helped her open doors that will influence all of her future studies, and my wife and I are very grateful!

Our son is now officially MathPath sick, and is wandering to find a plenary somewhere. :) He misses all of you and his buddies and has been "mathpath sick" (the good kind!)

Thanks again, looks like he had a productive time. If only I can get him to talk about his experience, other than declaring that he misses MathPath :)

We have read through your summary letter about how our daughter was doing for the past month at MathPath, and are very delighted to know that she has grown up in multiple dimensions through Mathpath experience: not just on her strong passion to learn more, but also how she has coped with various challenges while being away from home [overseas].

Thank you so much for the summary letters [for our two sons].

The summary letters show that all the faculty and staff observed kids carefully and cared about their development as a whole. Parents do not only get the pictures about their daily activities, but also each kid's interests and characters. When I read the letters, I couldn't help smiling. Some of the descriptions exactly drew my children's characters. And some of the descriptions are even better, out of my expectations. They did better than I thought. Or they showed something that I didn't have chance to observe at home. I really appreciate the efforts and kindness from all the faculty and staff.

What a wonderful summer camp! I just wanted to express gratitude for my whole family.

Hooray and thank you so much!

p.s. I introduced this summer camp to my friends in other states and Hongkong. :)

MathPath is a summer math camp that bewitched our middle schooler. It is hard to put into words how happy she felt there. As parents, we were the ones who wanted her to attend MathPath, more than she did. At the end of the 4 weeks, we were again the ones who wanted her to be home, more than she did. She would have liked MathPath to be her regular school. Phenomenally enriching environment for the right kid. Teaches math, maturity, independence, confidence, friendship.

It was an exceptional experience for my child who loves math. She was exposed to varieties of mathematical topics and was able to connect with peers who have similar interests and talent as her. She already looks forward to the next year as soon as she came back from the camp. It is totally different experiences and environment than the most advanced math classes your schools can offer. Great enrichment with amazing faculty!

MathPath is a geeker's Paradise, submersion into a world of multiple levels of infinity, exponential growth, the beauty and mystery of Pascal (to mention a few of the mind-blowing concepts explained by our daughter). It is perfectly aimed at middle schoolers. A physically and socially safe environment is maintained without the kids appearing to notice.

This was our son's best experience being around other kids who liked math as much as he did in a program specifically oriented towards that interest. The program pushed him, excited him, exhausted him and made him happy in ways that other programs simply have not. It is a unique and exciting middle-school base for serious mathematics work going forwards. It's like graduating law school and going to a law firm to practice law -- "like a pie-eating contest, where first prize is more pie..." Here, the pie is math -- if you kid loves it, he or she will get as much as he or she wants. For the right kids, this is priceless.

My daughter has always done fine in math but has never really identified herself as a math person. She was motivated to apply for math path and enjoyed doing the qualifying test, and it was my hope that she would discover her inner mathematician. This hope was fully realized and more. Thank you!

"MathPath is double great experience for my family. My older son attended MathPath three years ago and couldn't stop telling his younger brother stories about the MathPath for whole three years, until this year, his younger brother attends himself. Then the daily family phone time became the highlight of the day for both brothers, discuss all the professors and math topics they shared. My younger son totally immersed himself in both math and friendship in the four weeks.

Mathpath is the experience too many super-accelerated kid might be lacking -- an opportunity to delve deeply and indulge in some of the coolest and mind-opening topics they'll ever encounter. It was by far the best camp experience our son had ever had, with engaging professors, genuinely caring (and awesome) counsellors, and friends for life. Cannot recommend it highly enough!

MathPath brought out the true math lover in my child and transformed an interest into a passion. The camp was also a humbling experience as he realized that there is so much more to learn and so many great, curious minds out there. The friendships formed on shared inclination felt more real and natural to my son and he felt reassured that he is not one of a kind in a positive sense. In addition to math, he fell in love with ping pong so he got to exercise both his mind and body at MathPath. Overall a very rich and well-rounded experience.

"MathPath was fantastic for my daughter. It was camp, and camp is where you get to sleep away from home, meet people from different places, eat unusual foods, be responsible for your own things, take direction from someone other than a parent/teacher. All of those things help to make camp an excellent opportunity for growth. There are many, hundreds, of camps that your child could attend, and many of them would be fun for your child. MathPath was the one camp that is specially suited to the kid who sees the beauty in math, the puzzles, the patterns, the elegance of an explanation.

This camp is for the kid that thinks beyond the question. They want to know how the answer could be taken to its most extreme conclusion and what that would look like. For that kid, it's not just about finding the answer, but about exploring the "why".

We read the MathPath website. We reached out to one of the faculty members who taught at MathPath the previous year (I looked up where he taught and pulled his email from the University website) he was kind enough to offer his impressions. His response was both prompt and thoughtful, and his insights tipped the balance. When I asked my daughter "Are you sure? Four weeks is a long time." She responded "Mommy, you say that as if math isn't fun." The camp was not designed for my middle-school self, but it was perfect for my daughter. The anxiety she felt was not about going away to camp or about missing out on things at home, it was about camp ending and having to wait 11 months before she could return."

My son loved everything about it and wants to come back next summer. He said,"Before MathPath, I wanted to be a mathematician, but now I'm GOING to be a mathematician!" He loved the variety of classes and really enjoyed getting to know the teachers. He also had a lot of fun on the non-math outings. .

This camp made my child more mature and confident. Also he learned a lot of new topics in math. Additionally, he learned how to do magic card tricks during free time.

My daughter loved math path! Because the math concepts are so fascinating , she wanted to have classes 6 days a week instead of 5. She figured she could go canoeing or to a water park at home!

Created October 18, 2019
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