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MathPath 2018, held at Lewis & Clark College
Portland OR
July 1 – July 29

Starting in 2008, we have done an online anonymous post-camp survey of parents. We asked for numerical ratings and for written answers. The numerical results are given here.

For written answers, we first asked parents if they were willing to send us separately a statement about MathPath where we could quote them by name or initials.  This year two parents sent us such a comment, and they are first below. Within the anonymous survey, we also asked how they would explain MathPath to others who ask. In most cases, parents said we could post their answer. A selection of their answers are farther below.


Before MathPath started, I was a nervous and worried mother, scared to send our daughter away for the first time. She is pretty messy and unorganized at home, not good at eating and sleeping in time. I was not sure how she could survive the one month in MathPath. However, during her daily call to parents, I was pleasantly surprised to know that she was getting up at 5:30 AM and managing her time well to finish all her homework and keeping everything organized. We could also find the excitement in her voice when she solved the problem of the day.

When I saw her in the closing ceremony, she was bubbling with joy, hanging out with friends and happy to be appreciated for her hard work. Next day at the time of leaving MathPath camp, she was crying inconsolably and these were the exact words she said : "I wish I could take time back to the beginning of the MathPath camp". Clearly it was best month in her life where she was stimulated intellectually and socially as a young adult.

I cannot express how grateful we are to you, Professor T and all other teachers for providing this wonderful opportunity for our kids. Also I want to give my warmest hugs and appreciation to April and all the wonderful counselors - the camp could not be so successful without them.

I want to finish this note with an ancient shloka from India (written in Sanskrit) -

    Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara,
    Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah
which means in short - The Guru (teacher) creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru.

We salute all the teachers at MathPath camp.

  Thanks and regards,
  Sritama (Mother of a MathPather)

My 2 kids attended MathPath (each for 3 years). It is a wonderful academic experience, but I want to mention other, also very important, dimensions. MathPath culture works exceptionally well to helps kids to mature. The atmosphere/design of the camp (where kids make choices, where mistakes are possible) teaches kids how to take responsibility, how to be resilient, how to recover if perhaps their choice was not the optimal one. E.g., maybe that class that I (the kid) selected is hard for me this year, but I’ll do my best going through that class – homework is difficult, but TA and professor and my friends are helping me, and if they think that I can do it, perhaps I can. The social aspect. Kids do make good friends in the camp. The kind of friends that we (parents) are very happy that they have. Frequently friends will not be on the same coast or not in the same country, but it is 21st century, they still communicate easily. Also kids discover that they can connect to adults - the counsellors and faculty (both are exceptional). MathPath culture truly encourages that connection, and it works, it becomes a habit (that is very important going into high school/college).



For some children, this is as close to heaven as they will reach!

State of art magical atmosphere for passionate mathematicians

This was a life-changing experience for my child.

Enriching mathematics experience. The social exposure added a new dimension to my child's personality.

It's a great experience in which kids can expand their knowledge of mathematics, and, even more importantly, extend their friend base to include many talented fellow math travelers. Our kid left truly inspired to go further and work harder, especially after seeing how amazingly accomplished even some of the 11 year olds were!

It's a camp for children that love the idea to spend 8 hours a day on high level math. It's not about the topics that are usually covered in school. It goes so much deeper into real mathematical thinking.

We feel that Mathpath helped us to see the beauty of Math that usually you can not find in the school education system. Your child can explore mathematics without the acceleration that may disturb the school process which may make your child bored at school

...Also, based on our experience, the camp provides a safe environment for children.

My son attended math path 2 years ago, My daughter went this year. All my kids are happy. They like the classes and the food. They get along well with teachers and all campers.

MathPath provides an amazing opportunity for gifted kids to explore extraordinary mathematics and make friends with others who share their love of learning. For many kids this will be their first time encountering a large group of others who share their deep appreciation of learning.

Kids need to know they are not alone in their passion for math. This is an excellent way for them to find their tribe.

For a middle school girl who loves math, this was a great sleep away camp - the peer group of her kind of people, the smart mathy kids from all over US and other countries made her realize that the bar is pretty high and it is a whole lot of fun!

The best $5000 spent

MathPath is not only for Math training, they also train the teen’s independence. My girl loves this camp although it is long hours working. She had a lot of fun time and knew more friends from different locations.

We loved all our interactions with MathPath. Everyone was very responsive, organized, always willing to answer our questions. We knew what our daughter was doing at all times without being too overbearing on her.

MathPath is a great Math enrichment camp for middle school children. They get to think "originally" on interesting and new math topics of their choice. However, at the camp it is not ALL about math. They make everlasting friends and get to stay on their own and learn life lessons on personal responsibility.

MathPath was the first time in our daughter's life that she met "her people." It was such a positive experience for her to spend time with students and staff that understood her and shared her passion for math. We thought leaving her at camp for a month would be hard, but the reality is that leaving camp at the end was harder. She made wonderful lifelong friendships, received excellent instruction and care while there, and came home with more confidence in herself and her abilities. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you MathPath!

MathPath is THE camp to send your child to if your child loves math and is middle-school aged. Your child will be surrounded by math and other math loving adults and kids 24/7! There's a lot of math - from history and writing plenaries, to breakouts and problems of the day with accessible faculty and staff for guidance. There are other activities too such as softball, soccer, board games, card games, puzzles, excursions etc. but it's the passion for math that underlies everything at this camp and makes it a completely unique experience. If your child loves math and is in the right age range, there's nothing else like it!

MathPath was a great experience for my son. He loved the opportunity to learn about math topics that would not be covered in most school curriculums, such as Spherical Trigonometry and Eigenstuff and Binet's Formula. Although my son attends Proof School (which emphasizes math) and had just finished Calculus, his MathPath classes presented new topics he found extremely interesting. He also loved the chance to spend every minute of free time playing board and card games with other board game fanatics.

My kid said Mathpath is the best camp. In the first week of the camp, he had strong homesickness and wanted to go home, but he chose to stay for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, he didn't want to go home any more. He completed four weeks of camp and made a lots of friends, learned a lots of math, had a lot of fun. After he returned home, he miss mathpath greatly. He experienced camp sickness for few days. Mathpath is a high quality camp, well planed, well organized. It is a great camp for middle schoolers who love math.

Thanks a lot for making MathPath, one of the best camps that our son has done so far. He has told me that he has learned a lot of cool math, and has made some really good friends. Coming from our son, and his usual penchant for understatements, I am sure that he had a wonderful time at the camp. He seems to have thoroughly enjoyed himself and he will miss this camp very much. I hope that he will keep in touch with all of the teachers and some of the students over the coming year.

MathPath is an empowering, immersive and cultural experience for kids who are curious, motivated, and inspired. It was a phenomenal experience for our child, because through her pursuit of challenging academic subjects she developed grit, confidence and independence that will have a positive impact on other areas of her life. She made deep friendships, and had a ton of fun.

We just want to say how thankful we are for this wonderful experience. The camp covers many topics that are not typically covered in school but are foundationally important areas in math. The math was challenging but it was taught in such an engaging and intuitive manner that my kids thoroughly enjoyed them. In fact, they were willing to wake up at 5am every morning to do math! That was quite a surprise for us considering how hard it was to get them out of bed every morning when school was in session.

There are many math camps out there but I believe there are no other camps that offer truly advanced middle schoolers a chance to explore so many topics with such engaging experts in an intimate, nurturing environment. Furthermore mathpath serves the intellectual, social and physical needs of middle schoolers, offering engaging structured activities on days off and ample opportunities to exercise and spend time out doors. Math is the priority and it’s a camp designed for kids who truly love math, but there is an effort to make sure children socialize in stress free activities. There is structure in place that encourages positive info via dual work habits and the healthy understanding of the benefit of collaboration with peers and mentors. Mathpath is a camp that truly nurtures advanced middle schoolers.

MathPath is a summer camp for kids who love math. Our son loved doing hard, interesting math everyday. The sense of community was profound. Our son, who often feels isolated and on the outside at public school, felt he could be himself and connect with peers.

MathPath is a residential/overnight camp specifically for children 11-14 who are interested ( and have an apptitude) in Mathematics. The children are carefully selected. The camp is very well organized and supervision of the children is excellent. The counselors seem to be selected very well ( as are the core faculty). Our son has a very good experience at MathPath. We were a bit worried about it being a 4 week camp- our fears were quickly dissipated . On the day of orientation our son said he was very comfortable . He called us daily and was always telling us about fun things he was learning. Electronics devices were not permitted- kids instead had a common space where they could play various board games and socialize - this was in addition to outings they could choose from every weekend. Our son enjoyed the plenaries and breakout sessions. He cannot wait to go back to camp.

Excellent experience for my child in all aspects. Amazing infrastructure, amazing content, and amazing teachers. Very well done. All the staff puts in incredible hard work. Also, the policies are very important for kids to maintain focus. The extracurricular activities outside of camp were super interesting. Well done and see you next year.

If your child genuinely loves Math, this is the number one summer camp to go. He will further develop his interest and learn broader knowledge. Comparing with other competition driven camps, this focuses more on a longer term goal. The staff are very passionate about Math too, and obviously the passion is contagious. I asked my son if there is one single thing he doesn’t like about MathPath. He said, “nah-oh-yeah, I cannot go back next year! But I will try to be a counselor.”

Overall a good experience. She enjoyed meeting other math-enjoying kids (would have liked to have more girls, and more discipline for a few mean kids, though) and exploring a variety of areas of math. She really enjoyed getting to pick her classes based on what sounded most interesting to her. Social and field trip opportunities added to her overall enjoyment quite a bit as well.

My daughter was nervous before going to MathPath, thinking that she wouldn’t be as advanced in math as all the other kids and that it might be difficult to make friends. She found that, although there were kids with more math experience than she had, she was comfortable with learning the new subjects she was exposed to, and the kids were very easy to get to know and work with. She made some terrific friendships at camp, and she actually cried after we picked her up at the airport... she was sad that she had to leave her friends. They are, however, still in touch. In fact, I think they are planning for the next camp already!

MathPath has been one of the best experiences in my child's life. He was the youngest camper and it was his first time away from home. So, I had some doubts about MathPath. But MathPath exceeded all our expectations. My child spent four weeks doing what he likes the most - attending lectures on mathematics, learning about new and exciting math, talking and playing with kids who share the same interests as him. It was absolutely amazing! He returned home so mature, refined and even more excited about math. Thank you so much, MathPath!

Mathpath is an excellent opportunity for kids to fall in love with math. / my son came in to mathpath with the idea of trying a camp that is recommended and left loving math and being more motivated to learn further-either AoPS or johnhopkins classes during the school year. He even started a program to teach math to underserve schools next year.

MathPath is a month-long, math-focused college experience remarkably well-designed to be age-appropriate for middle schoolers. The program is structured very thoughtfully, affording students a nice level freedom and support. Our home-body son didn't miss home for an entire month while at MathPath. Amazing.

Dear Mr. M,

Thank you for our son's summary letter at MathPath 2018. He came home excited, pleased and grateful to be selected for the opportunity to attend the camp. He is now camp-sick missing the interesting classes, his friends in his couseling group and the fun routine provided at camp.

He had a delightful time at this summer camp. He enjoyed all his plenaries, courses and conferencing sessions with the incredible set of instructors engaged for the camp. He treasured the wonderful company of his counselor and the friends he made in his couseling group.

We are extremely grateful for the organization and support provided by April, Maria, the group of dedicated counselors, and excellent instructors during the camp.

We are very pleased to say that MathPath camp is a great success in so many ways. The way it was organized, the energy of the people they brought with them and the location in Portland couldnt have been better for a summer camp.

We highly recommend it to middle schoolers who have a keen and sharp mind for math. Our son has expreseed strong interest to join next year....We will certainly be planning for it and in the near future also hope his younger brother will get a chance at MathPath camps too.

Created August 25, 2018
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