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Parent Comments!




MathPath 2017, held at Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley MA
June 25 – July 23

Starting in 2008, we have done an online anonymous post-camp survey of parents. We asked for numerical ratings and for written answers. The numerical results are given here.

For written answers, we first asked parents if they were willing to send us separately a statement about MathPath where we could quote them by name or initials.  This year one parent sent us such a comment, and it is first below. Within the anonymous survey, we also asked how they would explain MathPath to others who ask. In most cases, parents said we could post their answer. A selection of their answers are farther below.


My son had an inspirational experience at MathPath, seeing the larger world of mathematics for the first time in a way that revealed its interconnectedness, breadth, and elegance. All this was made possible because of a devoted group of mathematics educators whose skill in conveying complex concepts to budding mathematicians with rigor and clarity was only matched by their enthusiasm for teaching and their deep caring for each student.

     With appreciation,
     David Hwang, parent


MathPath was transformational for my daughter. She found a group of like-minded kids and dedicated teachers. For her, nothing else educationally has come close.

I see MathPath as an opportunity for the kids who love Math to be together and enjoy the common language they like. In many cases this is hard to achieve in their normal schools, private or public. It is so important that there are many prestigious professors teaching these kids in person, inspiring them from a very insightful perspective, and exposing many different Math topics to them. I think this will benefit these kids in a long run, and help cultivate a younger generation of Mathematicians.

MathPath was a very positive experience for my son who has been exposed to and mastered a lot of math (up through linear algebra) but had not yet met "his people". He was pleasantly challenged, learned several new skills and concepts, and enjoyed being in a supportive math community.

MathPath is a math camp specifically targeted for Mathematically inclined 11-14 years old. If your child gets excited about math and craves for more math, he may fit in very well at MathPath. What sets is apart from other Math camps is that Math doesn't come at the expense of the social aspect of a summer camp. My child loved getting up early in the morning to play with his friends, looked forward to the classes, the weekend trips, and was proud that he could stay away from home for 4 weeks on his home. No electronics policy is a bonus.

I would highly recommend MathPath to any child that loves math. My son came home more excited about math than ever before (I did not think that this was possible!).

MathPath is where my son was able to experience math in a way he would never have been able to anywhere else. Not at this age and not anywhere close to home. My son loved the material he was exposed to. The instructors that came from faraway places to teach them were experts, not only in what they were teaching but also in their approach to teaching children complex topics in mathematics. He enjoyed all of his instructors and valued their access during the evening.

On the other hand, my son was able to experience activities outside of the courses that he would otherwise not be exposed to. He enjoyed some more than others, yet was able to find common interests with others and also enjoy activities he has always loved.

Furthermore, this being my son's first time away from home, the communication from day one was impressive. I appreciated the detailed instructions and explanations throughout. When I contacted them during the camp about specifics regarding my son, my emails were answered promptly. My concerns were quickly met with reassurance that my son was being taken care of. I also treasured the ability to talk and see (FaceTime) my son every night. His sisters, father and I would gather every evening to hear about his day.

As an added bonus, this experience has been positive not only in enriching his knowledge of math but also in his enrichment by exposure to different cultures and people from different places... all coming together for the love of math! I know that we will be forever reaping the rewards of my son's time at MathPath.

MathPath is a great camp for kids who are serious about math and are prepared to work.

It's a wonderful opportunity for middle school students to experience math education that is not taught in normal schools. It was an immersive experience with many interesting and inspiring teachers, staff and counselors. My daughter not only enjoyed the many classes offered, she made many good friends in her counselor group. In just a month, she grew a lot more confident in her own abilities in Mathematics and in independence in life. I think she would get even more out of the camp if she goes back in another year.

MathPath has been a very positive experience for our child. From an educational standpoint, he studied a wide range of topics that he would not have been exposed to in school. It has broadened his perspective about what math is. From a social standpoint, it helped him gain confidence by being in new situations (far away from home), getting along with different personalities, and being independent.

Our only regret is that he will be too old to attend next summer.

It was the best possible experience for our child. He feels so at ease among this group of his true peers: math, games, puzzles, books is what he's into, and it's amazing how much that overlaps with the other kids.

An underappreciated part of MathPath is the counselors. They seem to be just amazing - and the fact that they are not that much older, but still clearly older, helps a lot. Our son had even more connection with the counselors than with his age group - and they did a great job pushing him forward both on the math and outside.

Our daughter has grown as a person and student over the month. She continues to pick up and read Mathematics books during her free time.

MathPath is a very special experience, bringing together a community of math kids. As a returning MathPathogen, our son again loved spending this month with his peers, the counselors and the teachers!

My child enjoyed mathpath very much. The two themes that emerged from his conversations after he finished the camp were: 1. He enjoyed being an Independent Learner. He was thrilled that he could choose courses according to his interests. 2. He enjoyed exploring the advanced concepts in math with the help of excellent teachers.

First and foremost, it's a math camp, my son immersed in math for one month, from ancient math history to modern cryptograph, came back with an awe and a passion for math. Second, it's about the people, the professors & lecturers and the counselors, the daily interactions with those highly qualified people open up his eyes, and raise up his standard. Not to mention his peers, who are smart & fun, make it all more enjoyable. Last but not the least, the structured one month program, with rigorous daily program, and some individual & team events in between, make the camp effective and fun. My son came back not only with better math knowledge, better deep thinking skill, but also with a new level of confidence and independence. We love the camp.

MathPath is much more than an academic summer camp. It's a thoughtful and welcoming introduction to the culture of mathematics. Yes, students learn many advanced topics. But it's also a place to live 24/7 with peers and mentors, to get a glimpse of the future. Students aren't trained to win a competition; instead, they're encouraged to pursue mathematics from multiple angles, to value collaboration and creativity, to develop their problem-solving and proof-writing skills. Our son loved every second of it.

My child really enjoyed MathPath because it was so easy for her to meet others like her, unlike her current middle school.

Our son came to camp loving math, and having taken Calc 4 with his Dad, but did not actually come with confidence in his mathematical ability. He found a group of peers whom he admired and enjoyed, much to his delight. He also found out that he is good at math. He is entering this semester with a sense of confidence and community that is really serving him well.

Everything was wonderful. He enjoyed his experience. His only minor complaints were that some plenaries moved too quickly for the depth of material. His personal counsellor was too strict (when we were talking to him two minutes before time was over he could be heard pounding on the door)

My daughter thrived in the safe, supportive, creative environment of MathPath. She was constantly challenged, developed high autonomy, acquired good time management skills and learned to make difficult choices. She thoroughly enjoyed mutual respect and camaraderie between students and staff.

Interesting experience. The child received a wide exposure to numerous mathematical subject provided by seasoned mathematicians and enjoyed the company of competitive yet friendly kids.

MathPath was a brilliant and transformational experience for my child, academically and socially. It was thoroughly enjoyed and every minute of the experience cherished . MathPath was the perfect mix of independance and guidance for my middle school kid and connected her to other children also interested and naturally patient toward math. I can't enough express my gratitude for such an opportunity and for all the mountains you have to move to put this together. My deepest gratitude and salutations to the MathPath founders and organizers for conceving such a brilliant program and executing it so perfectly.

MathPath is unique in focusing on 10-14 year olds, just at the brink of transitioning into teenagers. This is when they most need guidance on who they are and what they want to become. MathPath sparks their interest in topics that can be advanced but are taught in a very simple and interesting manner; it's like giving the child a kaleidoscope into the beauty of maths and letting him play with it himself. There's no other camp like it and the kids have a great time!

As a mathematically talented kid, my son has the opportunity to meet so many kids like himself in MathPath. He no longer feels himself as a outlier of school kids. We see huge positive impact on him of the MathPath experience.

MathPath was a great experience for our daughter. The exposure to different areas of math than she receives at school invigorated her interest in the subject. She stays in touch with her peers around the world, and living independently from her parents has matured her and given her better life skills.

MathPath is for kids who have been itching for a math experience significantly more challenging and conceptual than they get in virtually any school curriculum. If your child is a self-starter and loves math, I cannot imagine a better experience.

MathPath was a life-changing experience, absolutely worth the price. We both are mathematicians and we have always been happy to talk to our son about math, but what we could not provide was an environment where he could learn math together with other students with similar interests. I have to say that MathPath was a humbling experience for him, but in a very good way. He realized that there are kids who know a lot more math and who are smarter than him but this made him more interested and motivated. Before MathPath he would often either solve a problem in five minutes or would give up and ask for hints. We see a lot more perseverance now. Of course, most importantly, he made quite a few friends at MathPath and had a very good time there. He is hooked and hopes to come back next year.

Created October 2, 2017
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