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Parent Comments!




MathPath 2011 held at Colorado College
Colorado Springs CO
June 26 – July 24

Starting in 2008, we have done an online anonymous post-camp survey of parents. We asked for numerical ratings and for written answers. The numerical results are given here.

For written answers, we first asked parents if they were willing to send us separately a statement about MathPath where we could quote them by name or initials.  Those comments are given below first. Within the anonymous survey, we also asked how they would explain MathPath to others who ask. In most cases, parents said we could post their answer. A selection of their answers are farther below.


Everything looks fabulous about the 2012 program. Our son enjoyed his time so much at Mathpath 2011. This whole process has really kick started his abilities and made him realize how much of a wide world mathematically is out there; so much broader than what's available at school. We really want to thank you and the whole team for the opportunities you provide for this special group of kids. It is hackneyed and trite, but we do think you've impacted the rest of his life.

     Laura Dew

Thank you again for this amazing experience for my son. I think it will impact the direction of his life. Since he came home, he has done almost nothing but math, all day, every day. He loves it. What an opportunity for him to be exposed to such an elite group of kids and adults. Your personal dedication to this cause of nurturing young mathematicians is amazing. I will always be grateful.

     Erika Pollner

We would like to thank you and all the others involved in putting together MathPath. Our son's experience there was fantastic!

What impressed us most is that the MathPath teachers do not just give lectures and then leave. You are actively engaged with the students, modeling what it's like to be a "grownup mathematician". You talked with them, played sports with them, jogged with them, and accompanied them on outings. In short, you mentored them inside and outside the classroom. What an amazing experience for any budding mathematician!

Our son will be checking for next year's camp information as soon as it comes out.

     Sharon Lee

I want to thank you for devoting so much time and energy into making MathPath such a wonderful, exciting and exhilerating experience. My son loved MathPath, and was very happy with everything about the camp (except the food!). Since he is still not home from his next summer camp (non-academic), I have not had an opportunity to get a detailed breakdown of all he learned, but I do know that his highest hopes were met. I think it is so important for serious mathematicians and professors like you to focus at least some of your attention on young talented kids who are eager and ready to discover the wonder of math. Thank you so much.

MathPath is a gem. Every serious young math student should have a chance to discover the wonders of math with such engaged and committed teachers.

     Bill Hirsch


A Selection of Anonymous Comments

Our daughter had an absolutely marvelous experience at MathPath last year. Not only she enjoyed all the time there, her enthusiasm and curiosity about math went sky high after she came back from the camp. She is doing very well in her honor geometry class in high school now. More importantly she is having more fun doing math and is expanding her knowledge on her own beyond what the school requires. We are very happy for that.

MathPath is a wonderful camp. My daughter was hesitant and homesick at first, but she soon began to love the MathPath environment. She made new friends, learned new things, and became more independent. Though before camp she had wanted to stay only two weeks, when the end of camp came, she wished that MathPath had been longer.

Mathpath is Hogwarts for little mathematicians.

Mathpath is one of the best summer camps in the country. It not only offers top-notch teaching team (they are well-known professors and mathematicians), but also a selected student body. The campers will broaden their vision, enrich their way of thinking and gain true love and understanding of math. The camp also unites the campers together through various fun extracurricular activities and counselor meetings. My daughter wants to attend this camp again next year!

MathPath was a great opportunity for my son to spend a month in a place where math is cool, fun, and hard! He met boys and girls from all over the world who excel at math and the experience was both motivational and humbling. These kids are great at math! The professors were able to connect with the kids and explore off-beat math topics that were endlessly fascinating to my son.

A math camp for highly talented math kids. At Math Path, they are surrounded by other kids who share their passion and knowledge of math. Our son becomes very inspired each summer by spending a month with these kids and teachers and counselors. He also has matured socially and grown more independent and mathematically more confident thanks to attending Math Path for 3 consecutive years.

The best place in the world for math-focused middle school kids. My kid will never forget this experience. The only downside – he came home more obsessed with math than ever before...but I am learning to accept that.

MathPath is an excellent program of nice, smart students getting exposure to many areas of mathematics from a fabulous faculty. As my son said, "Here, a 90 minute class seems to pass in 5 minutes. It was great being at this camp – there were a lot of kids who were just like me.....they all love to learn!"

For students who are ready mathematically, MathPath pays them great respect by giving them math that are both broad and deep. Socially, what a joy to see them find each other. MathPath gives the students experience that they normally do not get at school, at home or elsewhere. For us parents, not having our kids with us for 4 weeks was way too long. For our kids, 4 weeks away at the camp was way too short.

MathPath is one of the most special programs available to gifted children. We have tried many excellent programs, CTY, CTD, etc. and MathPath remains our favorite. Having sent two children for a total of four years, we have found their experiences to be exceptional. The math is great fun, but also challenging at the same time. The close supervision and guidance from faculty and counselors gives us confidence that our kids would be safe and feel good about their experience. The counselors are excellent role models for these kids, which is invaluable.

MathPath offers many interesting courses to choose from. It's interesting and challeging. My son still regreted not be able to take Heavely Math this summer. MathPath also offers lots of fun things for kids to do. Having kids watching Harry Potter part 1 before the new part 2 movie is just one of the examples of how wonderful this program is. He is a big Harry Potter fan. My son loves the white water rafting, all the tours, the chess tournaments, the music room for piano practice. It's the best camp that my son has ever attended. The faulty and staff are so thoughtful beyond my expectation. This is also my 12-year son's first residental camp. I'm so surprised he survived the entire 4 weeks without telling me even once that he wanted to come home. He really wants to go back next year!!!

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