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Parent Comments!




MathPath 2010 held at Macalester College
Saint Paul MN
June 27 – July 25

Starting in 2008, we have done an online anonymous post-camp survey of parents. We asked for numerical ratings and for written answers. The numerical results are given here.

For written answers, we first asked parents if they were willing to send us separately a statement about MathPath where we could quote them by name or initials.  Those comments are given below first. Within the anonymous survey, we also asked 1) how they would explain MathPath to others who ask, and 2) how they felt about the safety of their young child getting to camp and at camp. In most cases, parents said we could post their answer. A selection of the answers to 1) are below. For answers to 2), click here.


MathPath is a one of a few mathematics camps in North America that explore mathematics in depth and make it fun. It is the only such program for the junior high school age range. In every respect, it is a great summer camp, complete with games and field trips, where children inevitably make new friends with similar interests.

     Greg Kuperberg
     Professor of Mathematics
     University of California at Davis

MathPath has been a life-changing experience for both my son and my daughter. They finally found a community where they fit in and are valued. The MathPath executive staff does a great job of creating a very unique experience by combining an extensive math curriculum with role-model counselors."

Last year, my just-turned-12 year old son was reluctant to sign up for a 4-week-long sleepaway camp, but later said that he wished it was longer! The age-grouped counselor groups provided the right amount of oversight with fun activities for the age group.

My daughter, now a high school senior, met some of her truest friends 4 years ago at MathPath

     Peggy Otsubo

Note: Ms Otsubo is happy to email or chat with any hesitant parents. To get her email address, please email the Academic Director.

MathPath is big mathematicians trying to grow little mathematicians for the next generation."

     Vicki Wingo Grant

MathPath is an absolutely brilliant experience for those middle schoolers who are really talented in and really interested in math. This is something you could never get anyplace else, because there are simply not the number of kids with that level of ability and interest to have a big group talking and working with one another face-to-face except by running a national program. And, oh yes, almost all of these kids seem to really, really love MathPath.

     Robert H. Sloan
     Professor and Head
     Dept. of Computer Science
     University of Illinois at Chicago


A Selection of Anonymous Comments

Does your child love math? I mean really love. Then MathPath is a unique place where your child would meet other kids like him. There are other good math camps around, but this is the only one oriented toward younger kids - 14 and under. Not many people realize it, but attending an age-appropriate camp is crucial. And the most important is the content and quality of the curriculum as well as the level of teaching. Here your child would meet professors who can and would explore some of the most unusual and interesting sides of the mathematics. Where else would you find a set of lectures on the mathematics of Aboriginal Australian marriage rules? There are many camps which would drill your child in problems solving, but nothing would expand their love of math like MathPath.

MathPath stimulated our daughter through challenging experiences. She learned to view Mathematics at a deeper level. Equally as important she learned that there are many people out there who like her, enjoy mathematics. She made more friends within one week at MathPath than she has in two years in Middle School.

MathPath should be a requirement for admission to the math profession! MathPath is a camp where your math student will feel like he is no longer the odd man out. A place where love of learning is nurtured and encouraged. MathPath is a place where friendships blossom!

MathPath is probably the best summer Math camp for middle school age students. MP introduces its participants some areas in Math which are not generally taught even at high school levels. The best part of MathPath is that the student learns a lot of Math, while having lots of fun.

It is a camp for middle-school students who are enthusiastic about math and who would like to be stimulated to think more in depth. We like it because it is not focused on contests, but rather on proofs. Or, as my son says, "It is a boot camp for math ninjas!"

Go for it. It has been the most rewarding experience outside the home the may son has had.

Several of our friends have been impressed with how enthusiastic our daughter has been about MathPath -- she is usually a shy, low-key kid who rarely expresses emotion. I have already sent your link to friends.

MathPath is the best experience a "mathy" middle schooler could have!

From our son's perspective, there was a good balance between structured and non-structured time, with many options for sign-up activities of all kinds. He really enjoyed being with like-minded kids, made several friends and has come back home more confident than before.

The camp is not for everyone, but for our son it was wonderful. He has attended many camps over the years and as never fit in, enjoyed himself or grew emotionally and intellectually like he did at MathPath. If your child truly loves math, there is nothing better.

An excellent step towards maturity and independence for our son, not just academically.

Math Path is four weeks of math that no middle school, much less high school can provide. I like the idea of introducing concepts beyond the usual track at this age as there is still a strong spirit of asking questions. In short, Math Path encourages critical and creative thinking which will pay huge dividends in the future for the kids lucky enough to attend.

MathPath introduces the kids to aspects of math they otherwise would not get in school. It shows them that there is more to math than the narrow track that they get in school. My son enjoyed the lectures and the breakout sessions. They made him see things in new ways. He was able to see that there were many kids also interested in math and that there were math competitions and other opportunities for him to try. Overall, a great experience.

MathPath is targeted to middle school age kids who like math and stretches their imagination of what math can be. I felt fully confident that the camp would take great care of the kids (this was our second year) so I actually canceled plans to visit mid-way as I did not want to distract from the activities.

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