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Parent Comments !

Mathpath 2009 held at Colorado College
Colorado Springs CO
June 28 – July 26

Starting in 2008, we have done an online anonymous post-camp survey of parents. We asked for numerical ratings and for written answers. The numerical ratings were for their child’s mathematical experience, their child’s overall camp experience, and for the parents’ experience interacting with us. Data on the numerical results is given here.

For written answers, we first asked parents if they were willing to send us separately a statement about MathPath where we could quote them by name or initials.  Those comments are given below first.  Within the anonymous survey, we also asked how they would explain MathPath to others who ask, and if we could use their answer on our website (with no name, since the survey was anonymous). All answers where permission was granted are given below, in the order received


MathPath is far and away the best middle-school math program in the country for budding mathematicians. Most other camps either offer acceleration (taking some standard high school math classes over the summer) or preparation for Mathcounts and similar competitions.  MathPath offers genuine enrichment, allowing kids to learn interesting high-level math (from interesting high-level mathematicians) that they would not be exposed to otherwise.

     Anita and Lorenzo Sadun


MathPath is an absolutely amazing program for math-talented young people to learn deep mathematics that goes beyond the usual school curriculum, in a setting ideally geared to kids of their age range. They get to study and socialize with other kids their own age who are as passionate about and as talented in mathematics as they are, an experience few if any of them have in their regular academic programs. The staff truly understand these kids and provide a wonderful balance of a broad range of mathematical classes and activities along with a great social and recreational program. MathPath is a unique opportunity for these young people to challenge themselves mathematically and still be kids."

     Tara Smith


We would just like you to know that our daughter regretted not choosing the four week option. She told us that she absolutely “LOVED” the camp, her fellow campers, the classes and most of all, the instructors. This is quite a drastic change for us because she’s had trust issues with teachers in the past. In our humble opinion, to achieve such progress in this short time is quite a feat. Please know that we are deeply grateful to MathPath for creating such a special environment for the children.

[That was in August 2009. In June 2010 the same parent looked back and wrote:] Our daughter (now 14) began 9th grade this past year at the local high school. She keeps in touch with one or two girls from camp & still regrets not staying there for the entire four weeks last year. She had every intention of applying to MP this year until her love of biology took over her life, and became heavily involved in working on her science fair project.

She has plans to begin a high school math team with another student next year, which is a first for a town filled with athletes. She will also be taking some college classes to supplement the lack of computer programming and science courses at the high school this coming fall.

Thank you all again for allowing our daughter to be a part of the camp last year & for providing the nurturing environment for her to grow; she speaks fondly of the entire staff & has been in touch with one of the counselors.

     K. M.


I wanted to thank you for all your efforts to make MathPath such a success this summer.  My daughter enjoyed the program so much, learned about many new mathematical ideas, and made new friends along the way.  I cannot thank you enough for assembling an amazing team of mathematician-educators who were exciting and engaging and eager to work with the younger students at MathPath.   MathPath was just what my daughter needed at this time, and it provided her with opportunities for growth (mathematical, social, and personal) that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.  The only negative aspect of her experience is that it sets the bar high for the future -- a challenge for me as her primary "teacher" or educational coordinator!

I also want to thank you once again for providing sufficient financial aid to make her attendance possible.  Especially now that I have seen and heard all about what actually happens at MathPath, I would be so sorry if she had missed out on the opportunity to attend.  She was glad to be home after four weeks away, but just a week later confessed that she missed being at camp.  And she has confessed the sentiment to me many times since then.

     L. S.


Anonymous Comments in the order received

MathPath is the best camp experience available for a math-talented middle-school-aged student!


My son is an only child and shy. He made friends without any difficulty almost upon arrival at Mathpath. The directors and counselors were terrific in making sure everyone was actively engaged. The academic experience was outstanding, but the companionship that my son found was the best part of Mathpath.


I was nervous sending my 12 year old off to camp for the first time..out of state..for a month!! Not to worry! there is plenty of communication both from the camp leaders as well as the child. Frequent updates from my son, tapering off quickly as he blended into the group and got engaged in learning and fun with his high performing peer groups, was very comforting to this mom. He came home energized, excited and motivated.


My daughter was nervous about going to a camp so far away and for four weeks. However, she decided to take the plunge, and I feel that her experience was a complete success on three fronts. Mathematically, she was engaged and challenged by new ideas and extremely bright peers. Socially, she was able to (finally) find some boys and girls with whom she had much in common. Personally, she was able to be independent and find her own way. I can already tell that my daughter has grown through her experience at MathPath and feels a new level of confidence in herself!


This is my son's first away-from-home summer camp for a month. We're so glad that he thoroughly enjoyed it. One important thing he's learned is that there are many other people who are more talented and share same interest in Math. He is now so motivated. He is already saying he'll return next year.


Excited my child even more about math. It was good for him to be with math peers and not be a superstar but rather to realize there are other very smart kids out there. My child was safe, secure, and very comfortable being away from us for 4 weeks for the first time and never was homesick. They keep the kids so engaged they don't have time to be homesick.


It's a national level math camp with peer students challenge themselves and be encouraged to learn more.


Before MathPath my son was excited by math but now he plans on going as far as he can in math here through high school and then use that to go to the very best universities in math. Camp was also great for him to develop his independence in a safe and positive manner.


Take 50 to a 100 highly gifted kids really excited about mathematics. Let them meet each other and enjoy company of each other. Now join them with some of the best and most enthusiastic mathematicians in the country. Let them exchange their ideas, thoughts and concepts with the kids and enjoy company of the kids as well as company of each other. Do not forget to add to this interesting evening and weekend activities. You would get a place where everyone is 100% happy. That is what MathPath 2009 looked like.


The staff is very caring and sensitive to the needs of young people going away to camp for perhaps the first time. The degree of supervision is very appropriate for the age range. My child made lots of friends almost immediately. He truly enjoyed the experience of meeting and learning with other kids as excited by and capable in math as he is. He can't wait to return.


The most incredible thing about MathPath was not just the fact that my child was able to learn about indepth math topics to ascertain it was his intended direction for his life, but that he had so much fun doing that!


MathPath brings together kids who enjoy math and are very good at it. The program teaches them to think and talk about mathematical ideas. As taught in typical schools, math is mostly calculations. At MathPath there's more problem-solving, using logical reasoning to figure out "puzzles." The math that everyone is thinking about provides a great starting point for the kids to get to know each other, so that within a week they've made friends. The kids have been in almost constant communication since the camp ended a week ago!


MathPath is the best summer camp for math kids.


Our son has thoroughly enjoyed MathPath Camp, requesting to return this year after last year's Camp. While at Camp this year he contacted his Grandfather, a Math Professor, to discuss advanced concepts--more often that he contacted us. He felt perfectly secure there.


MathPath is a place where like-minded kids can enjoy Math and non-Math with talented Math professionals and yet be a kid. After only 4 weeks, the kid comes back home with a lot of friends and memory to keep for the rest of his/her life.


I was nervous about sending my son away, but he looked forward eagerly to the opportunity and, indeed, initiated the application process himself. Once I learned more about the camp, I couldn't stop bragging about the fact that my son was going to such a prestigious and challenging program. It must be hard for kids his age not to have people to talk with who understand their passion for math; MathPath gave him a context in which to be himself that he would not otherwise have had.


Overall this was a very valuable experience for our daughter. She clearly enjoyed being with other students who enjoy asking mathematical questions and she felt that she walked away with progress in terms of her own critical and mathematical thinking processes.


For the first time in his life, my son was surrounded with kids that were as excited about math as he is.


I considered it an important step toward independence for our son to travel by plane on his own (ultimately in the company of two other campers)to Colorado. And the camp was exactly what I hoped it would be, serious math combined with freedom and play.


MathCamp was the first residential camp for my child. I was totally happy how well my child was taken care of, in terms of intellectual challenge in math concepts as well as social interaction with her intellectual peers. The camp was not an extension of a school. Instead, this camp provided my child with opportunities to listen to lectures by college professors, and to discuss/argue with professors and peers. My child loved the camp. It was liberating to see my child proudly claim that she was very happy to hang out with other children who readily admitted they were math-nerds. This camp was very good to my child's psychology. She is proud to be a math-nerd!


It would be hard to find another camp where the staff are more dedicated to nurturing young minds as MathPath. Our child enjoyed every moment of her MathPath experience.


MathPath is a great experience for our 12 year old son. He learned a lot of math from professionals of the highest caliber, had much fun playing various games with new found friends, gained experience in spending time away from home and taking care of himself both during the camp and during the trip, and enjoyed visiting a beautiful college campus in another part of the country. Parents should feel very comfortable sending their children, as the camp takes excellent care of the youngsters.


All communication from student was positive, very safe, campus was good environment, good activities on weekends.


Mathpath was an overall positive experience for my son. Living in a dorm was a new experience for him, but he had an excellent counselor that helped to make it a positive one. He enjoyed meeting the other campers and is looking forward to attending again in the future.


We are not looking for any things like tutoring sessions to keep him advance or to train for competition. What we are looking for is something that can lead Albert to think and broaden Albert's knowledge. After the camp, Albert shows the motivation to start reading mathematical books, which he has not done so before.


My son had a fabulous time at MathPath. He will remember this experience for the rest of his life. He built many new friendships and his love for math has grown.


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