Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Our mission and how we implement it


The mission of MathPath is to inspire and advance the most mathematically gifted middle school age students, through a summer program.

The principle pursued by Plato's Academy (Raphael's fresco)
that truth is best sought in the purity of abstraction
is taken seriously by the MathPath summer program.


The summer program is open to students from all countries. The student age is 11-14 years. The mission's purpose is achieved by showing students that math is even more exciting than they thought, that they can do it at an even more advanced level, and that they have many peers to do it with. We do all this by emphasizing 1) Enrichment over acceleration, 2) discovery over rote learning, 3) proof (rigorous mathematical thinking and communicating), 4) active participation, 5) the lifestyle of a mathematician, and 6) fun, both in and out of class.

Specific goals are the following.

  • CONCENTRATE on fundamental mathematical ideas

  • EMPHASIZE mathematical proof

  • FOSTER mathematical discovery at an early age

  • PROVIDE a broad view of mathematics through its historical development

  • TEACH mathematical communication, both written and oral

  • PREPARE students for mathematics competitions, if they wish

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