Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Contact Us


At all times of the year you may phone

(610) 616-3211

In the off-season (August - May), please leave a voicemail with detailed information and we will return your call. During these months, email will usually get a quicker response.


For any questions (including those regarding admissions), contact Camp Director April Verser, at

Postal Mail

Unless otherwise instructed, general correspondence (including any application materials or questions from students and families) should go to:

c/o April Verser
265 N Oakhurst Ave, Apt 24
Aurora IL 60504 (USA)

Unless otherwise instructed, official business and financial correspondence should go to:

c/o John Howe
63 Fairview Rd
Skillman NJ 08558 (USA)


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