Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Care


Student safety is our primary focus. This means being free from sickness, physical injury, and emotional hurt.

Students are housed in secure campus dormitories. Female students are housed on floors or wings designated for female students only. Lights are out in the rooms at 10pm. Except in medical or fire emergencies, students are to be in their own rooms at this time and program staff will not be in student rooms. Dormitories are supervised at night. The student/advisor ratio is 10:1, with advisors living on the same floor as their students.

Medical problems receive timely and proper attention – program nurse, local Urgent Care, or hospital emergency room, as merited by the case. Those who have special medical or dietary needs are looked after accordingly. The Health Form asks for the list of any medical problems such as asthma, allergies, food restrictions and other problems.

Speaking of food restrictions, we are usually able to accommodate religious food restrictions as well, such as vegetarian, kosher and halal. This is because college food services are very attuned to these needs these days due to the diversity of their own student bodies.

MathPath students generally have access to college athletic facilities and computers. Opportunities are provided for social and cultural activities as well as trips to the outdoors and local attractions.

Parents can telephone with students on a regular basis. It used to be that colleges had land lines to each dorm room, but our hosts have eliminated those lines now that college students have cell phones. Therefore, we also now require MathPath students to bring cell phones (that work in the US).

Can parents come visit? Absolutely, though we strongly prefer visits at the beginning or end of the program. See the information about visits in the Q&A section of our website (see the navbar to the left); open the page on campus life. For those admitted, there is more detail about visits in the Precamp Briefing, also available through "Materials for Admitted Students" in the navbar.

Do students ever get homesick? Rarely, and very rarely for more than a very short time. We get right on top of it. See the homesickness part of the Q&A. Truth be told, separation is usually more of a problem for parents. As one parent wrote on our 2011 post-camp anonymous survey, "For us parents, not having our kids with us for 4 weeks was way too long. For our kids, 4 weeks away at the camp was way too short." See "Parent Comments" in the navbar for remarks on many issues.  

We strive to provide a place that is at least as safe as the student's home, where the student is treated with respect, the program is challenging but not overwhelming and the academic activities are balanced by athletic, social and cultural activities.

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