Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Breakout Choices 2018

We now have a final breakout schedule for all 4 weeks. To see the schedule, CLICK HERE. For a catalog type description of the various breakouts, CLICK HERE. The descriptions are ordered first by week, and second by the last name of the instructor. There may be a few more tweaks made to the schedule during camp, but the courses listed now will almost certainly all be given.

Just before each week we give the students a Show and Tell about the coming courses, on which basis they indicate their preferences. What you can link to below are the actual preference sheets that students fill out.

Students are not allowed to jump the gun and request their favorites before this Show and Tell. However, we certainly urge MathPathers and their parents to discuss their options earlier.

Courses are rated 1-star through 4-star. This indicates how much background you need and how challenging they will be. However, being harder doesn't necessarily make mathematics better. Students should sign up for what sounds most interesting to them, so long as they feel they have the needed background. If a 1-star course sounds really interesting, go for it!

Choices Week 1, 2018

Choices Week 2, 2018

Choices Week 3, 2018

Choices Week 4, 2018

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