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How to Apply for 2020 - Students who attended or were admitted before

No one is readmitted to MathPath automatically. Students who have been admitted to MathPath once before have a good chance of being readmitted, but they may not be. Financial Aid is considered differently for alumni than for first time attendees of MathPath (see below).

The application procedure for students who have already been admitted to MathPath depends on the number of times the applicant has attended MathPath.

Applicants who have been to MathPath exactly once.

  • Submit the online application and the QT (Qualifying Test).
  • Do not submit new recommendations unless specifically instructed to do so.
  • Students who exhibited concerning behavior may have restrictions on their re-admission. If so, a member of the MathPath Senior Staff will be in touch with the applicant and the applicant's family upon receipt of the application. Applicants who are concerned that they may fall into this category may reach out to Program Director April Verser at

Applicants who were admitted before but didn't attend. Follow the procedure for applicants who have attended MathPath exactly once.

Applicants who have attended MathPath twice (or more) already.

  • Write a letter to Program Director April Verser at explaining what benefit you will gain from returning to MathPath. Include what benefit you hope MathPath will gain from your return.

    Consider the following questions (and address anything else you think is important): Will there be sufficient, appropriate, new courses? What are your goals for a third year at MathPath? What new activities are you excited to try? What kind of leadership role will you take in classes and/or in extracurriculars? What other ways will you give back to MathPath?

  • Program Director April will write to applicants who have submitted a letter to instruct them on their next steps.
  • Applicants who are not asked to submit a complete QT should work on the problems anyway, so as to be prepared to participate in an informed way in the Writing Plenaries.

Why submit another QT? First, all students admitted to MathPath need to be familiar with the QT to be able to participate in the Writing Plenares. Second, the admissions team will compare an applicant's work on the 2020 QT with the work from their previous QT(s). The admissions team is looking for evidence of growth in terms of problem solving, proof construction, and mathematical writing. The 2020 QT should be taken as seriously as any previous QT.

Rolling Admissions. All applications, including re-applications, are considered on a rolling basis as explained on the "How to Apply" page for new applicants. The admissions team may begin to defer decisions about alumni applications sooner than new applicants (typically beginning around the middle of January). Alumni looking to reapply will have the best chance at getting re-admitted if they complete their application and QT earlier.

Financial Aid.

  • Students who have attended MathPath once are eligible for aid, but not as much as new students. Generally, if a new student would be asked to pay $x, then a 2nd year student with the same financial situation will be asked to pay the larger of 300+x and 1.25x.
  • If financial aid funds are getting tight, financial aid decisions for 2nd year students may be deferred or the formula for aid to 2nd year students may be altered.
  • Students who have already attended MathPath twice (or more) are not eligible for any financial aid.
Registration. Admitted students will receive an email with their admissions decision and a Registration Form. To reserve a place, the Registration Form must be returned in a timely manner, along with payment. Earlier payments in full receive greater fee reductions. Full payment can be made immediately after admission, but not sooner. MathPath offers almost full refunds to students who decide to cancel their registration prior to May 31.

It is probably in the best interest of any admitted applicant to pay in full early, even if said applicant's plans may change. See early payment for details about the price reduction and refund policy for details about cancellations.

Example: Applicants who have applied to MathPath as a backup while hoping to be admitted to program for older students (which MathPath encourages) can pay for MathPath early to take advantage of the fee-reduction and get a refund according to the Refund Policy upon cancellation of their registration.

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