Remote MathPath 2020 Announcement

Dear families of students admitted to MathPath 2020,

I am writing to announce that MathPath 2020 will be held remotely this summer, to describe the numerous adjustments we are making to ensure a successful program, and to encourage you to register this year.

The Remote MathPath Information page details information related to how the program will operate this year, including the daily schedule, program fee and financial assistance formula, staffing plans, and important dates. Please read it carefully and contact us with further questions should they arise.

We reached this decision after consulting with Mt. Holyoke College and learning that they are not permitted to allow youth summer programs onto their campus until July at the earliest, and quite possibly not at all, depending on policymaker decisions. (Massachusetts is moving slowly and cautiously in terms of taking steps to reopen businesses and services.) We jointly came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to conduct an in-person program on their campus in a manner that sufficiently minimized the risk of spreading COVID-19 among our students and subsequently their families.

Finally, I invite all of you to register for MathPath 2020. I was very encouraged by the preview event last weekend and became even more convinced that we will be able to offer mathematically engaging breakouts and plenaries, along with a positive social experience. We all understand that the remote version will differ from our usual style, but we are confident that it is possible to hold an enriching and worthwhile program online. I say this as a secondary math teacher who has successfully been running classes remotely for seven weeks now.

I hope to see all of you during July at my various math talks sprinkled throughout the weeks, which we anticipate opening up to the families of enrolled students this year!


Sam Vandervelde
Interim Executive Director

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