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1. We are wondering what you might advise next summer for Robert [not his real name]. He currently insists on returning for a 3rd year to MathPath--you do too good of a job! Robert says he and all his friends at MathPath are planning to return next year. Mathematically, we question how wise this would be for him. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

A. (from the Academic Director)   I've generally been of the opinion that 2 years at any one camp is enough, but the occasional kids who have attended MathPath for 3 all tell me they have been very happy doing so. Academically, it will be hard to avoid some repetitions in the 3rd year, but they say they are still learning and definitely still having fun. (It's easy to avoid repetitions in breakouts when one returns for a 2nd year.)

Robert with be 13 next summer, right? In which case, admission to high school camps will be problematic; his application has to be very strong. But he could take the qualifying test for one or more of them and see if he gets admitted. In the meantime, we do not require 3rd year students to take our Qualifying Test again. To be readmitted, the student merely has to send us a statement explaining why s/he thinks a 3rd year will be worthwhile and what sort of breakout s/he plans to take. Robert and you could apply early, be admitted early, pay early (we are continuing the reduced fee policy for early payment) and then, if he gets in elsewhere, withdraw with only a $100 penalty. We have had several students follow this algorithm in the past few years. We are fine with it, so long as you tell us that's what you are doing, and inform us as soon as possible if you withdraw (so that it is not too late for us to admit someone else from our long waiting list).

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