Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Questions & Answers

Application Processing

1. We submitted the Qualifying Test today. When will be hear results?

A. First, we do not make a decision until all parts of the application are received. For new applicants this means application form, Qualifying Test, academic recommendation and non-academic recommendation. After that, we usually give a decision in 2 weeks, but sometimes, especially in the fall, we are very busy with our day jobs and a decision is delayed.

We let you know when we have received something from you. We let your recommenders know when we have received a recommendation from them.

If you don't get an email decision from us within two weeks of when you believe the last part of your application was submitted, please email the Admissions head, Prof Maurer.

When we have reached our decision, we inform you by email, attaching a registration form that you must return with your deposit or your full payment. If you have requested financial aid, it is at this point that we begin discussions to determine the amount of aid. In other words, what constitutes full payment depends on the individual. At this point we also provide links to other forms online that families of registered students must complete and submit. In any event, you are not guaranteed a seat at camp until the registration and at least a deposit are received.

2. By when do you need confirmation of my child's attendance?

A. As stated above, a seat in camp in not reserved until we get the registration form and at least a deposit. Furthermore, we do rolling admissions. Therefore, we urge you to register as soon after admission as you can. If you are admitted in the fall when there are plenty of seats left, prompt registration is not really necessary, but as we approach a full camp (in 2014 that was in early March) it definitely is. If camp is close to full when you are admitted, we will tell you when you have to register by – after that date we will release "your seat" to someone else. As we get close to filling, there will be announcements on our homepage as well.

There is a second, fixed deadline, the deadline for submitting various medical and waiver forms, and for completing payment if you registered with a down payment. This second deadline is always May 31.

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