Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Questions & Answers

Listed below are links to actual questions that have been asked by parents. The original answers were provided by Dr. George R. Thomas, the Executive Director, now emeritus. More recent answers have been provided by Prof Stephen B. Maurer, the Academic Director, now Executive Director, and by April Verser, Camp Director.

  1. Who attends MathPath?
  2. The MathPath experience (academic program)
  3. The MathPath experience (campus life)
  4. The MathPath experience (competing interests)
  5. Quality of the MathPath summer program
  6. The Qualifying Test
  7. Application Processing
  8. Returning to MathPath
  9. Other math camps
  10. Bringing Electronics to MathPath
  11. Home Sickness
  12. Other Matters

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