Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Instructions for New Applicants for Counselor Positions at MathPath 2020

(Previous counselors who might like to return should contact to find out what new information, if any, is needed to reapply.)

For job duties and qualifications, please see the Counselor Job Description.
A functioning laptop and cell phone are essential for the job. While on duty, they should only be used for camp business.

The Employment Application

An Application consists of a cover letter, a resume, a transcript, and three letters of recommendation. Applicants submit the cover letter, resume, and transcript (see how below); the recommenders submit separately.

Cover Letter
In 1–2 pages, tell us why this position appeals to you, what you hope to accomplish during the program, and what in your background you feel particularly qualifies you.

Your resume should contain the following:

Your contact information: name, permanent address, current mailing address (if different), telephone number, email address, skype or other video conferencing address (if any).

Education: Name of secondary/high school attended, including location (city/town and state suffices). Include high school graduation GPA, if applicable. Name of college/university that you are presently attending; include current GPA, if applicable.

Mathematics Activities: What, if anything, have you done in mathematics outside of courses and have you received any special recognition for it? For instance, have you read math books on your own; participated in a Math Circle or summer program; done independent study or research; or succeeded at a high level in mathematics competitions? Include math activities from high school and before.

Other Activities: Describe any work you have done with children, with middle school students, and with high school students. Describe briefly all camps or programs you have attended or worked at and when you attended them.

References: Include the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of your recommenders.

Please provide your transcript from all institutions you have attended since acquiring your GED or High School Diploma. If you have less than 1 full year of postsecondary coursework, please include a transcript from your High School or equivalent. Unofficial, electronic copies suffice. You do not need to mail a hard copy or send a version with the registrar's seal affixed.

How and When to Submit
Submit your cover letter, resume and transcript(s), preferably together, by email to both April Verser, Program Director <> and MP Admissions Assistant <>. The application deadline is February 15, 2020, for first round selection. Applications may be submitted any time before then.

Choose three individuals who know you well and have worked with you. One of these should be one of your high school math teachers, and another should be one of your math professors. If you have already worked with young kids, your third recommender should be someone who supervised you in this capacity. It is generally not advisable to use a family member or close friend or family friend as a recommender — it is better to use someone who has worked with you in an educational or professional setting. Be sure to make clear to the recommenders the special nature of this job, combining both counselor and mathematical skills. You can use the following template:

<Your Name> is applying to be a counselor this summer at MathPath. The job entails working for a month with middle school aged kids who show exceptionally high promise in mathematics. Most of the job is traditional camp counselor work, requiring good judgment and effective management of kids, but in addition the applicant will be asked to interact mathematically with the students and with the instructors and hopefully will learn more mathematics as they attend classes. More about the program can be found at; more about the requirements for this position can be found at

Would you be so kind as to write to the MathPath Program Director, describing how the personal qualities of the applicant are suited to such a job?

Please send your recommendation, as an email or email attachment, by February 15 to both April Verser, Program Director <> and MP Admissions Assistant <>

Application & Selection Process
After you submit your application, you may be contacted to schedule a phone or Skype interview. Please be regularly checking for communications from us after you submit your application until you receive word of our decision.

Application Etiquette
Many counselor applicants will be applying for many other jobs and summer programs. It is good etiquette, and helpful both to us and to all applicants, if you all keep us informed of the status of your other applications. If you are offered a job you prefer to ours before we give you a decision, please contact us promptly to withdraw. If you are offered a job you don't prefer to ours before we give you a decision, but don't wish to be left jobless if you turn it down and then we turn you down, please contact us; we may be able to expedite our decision. If we give you an offer while you are still waiting for an offer you would prefer to ours, let us know promptly upon receipt of our offer; we may be able to extend the time we give you to decide (no promises). In any event, we will start making offers by March 1 and will keep making them on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. We anticipate hiring at least 14 counselors.

Questions? If you have any questions about the job or the application process, best to ask them before applying. Email

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