Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics


MathPath, a residential summer program for 11–14 year olds highly gifted in mathematics, seeks to fill the position of Counselor; approximately fourteen positions are available. Hired persons will work closely with the Program Director and each other to ensure the health, safety, and positive experiences of all students at MathPath.

Base compensation for this position will be $3250 (USD), plus room, board, and reasonable travel expenses to/from the program session. Almost all of the work for this position will be done during the program, during which time all Counselors must be living on-campus with the rest of the staff and faculty (morning of June 26, 2020 — July 28, 2020). There may be a small amount of remote work requiring at most 3 hours in the weeks before and after the program relating to training sessions and wrap-up.

Possession with the intent to use, or use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is not permitted while on the MathPath campus or while on duty, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, all vapes/vaporizers, and any form of marijuana/cannabis. Employees must never work under the influence of any controlled substance that has not been medically prescribed to them.

Job Duties

  • Be responsible for health, safety, and positive experiences of assigned 8–10 students
  • Form positive, professionally appropriate relationships with students
  • Monitor and support healthy student habits, including sleeping, eating, hygiene, and life balance
  • Assist with planning and implementation of free–time activities
  • Exhibit behavior of a positive mentor and role model
  • Enforce all MathPath policies, while maintaining a positive rapport with students
  • Write and submit comments on students and student interactions each week
  • Take on an "extra duty" as assigned, such as helping put together the end-of-session yearbook, or monitoring birthday celebrations, etc
  • Other duties as assigned (by Program Director or other Senior Staff)

Desired Qualifications

  • Ability in and excitement about mathematics, including mathematical puzzles and games
  • Interest in talent for working with very bright, young students
  • Excellent teamwork skills — willingness to enforce rules in a consistent manner with coworkers
  • Concentration and focus; punctuality and good time-management skills
  • Maturity, responsibility, and high moral character

Minimum Qualifications

  • Student currently studying mathematics at college or university; preference given to undergraduates — declared math major is not required, but collegiate study of mathematics or related courses is required
  • Eligibility to work in the United States; ONE of the following:
    • US citizenship
    • Hold a US Resident Alien Card
    • Possess or obtain at candidate's expense a US work permit that does not expire until after the final date of employment (July 28, 2020)
  • Candidate must pass a background check before employment

How to Apply
See How to Apply for information about completing and submitting an application.

More Information
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If you love both mathematics and working with kids, this job can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience.

The base counselor salary at MathPath 2020 will be $3250. Counselors returning for their 2nd year receive $3500. Counselors returning for their 3rd year or more receive $3750.

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