Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics


A MathPath counselor is first of all a typical camp counselor. Your primary responsibility will be the health, safety and positive experiences of your 8–10 advisees. This will keep you very busy, especially when classes and lectures are not in session, e.g., early morning, early afternoon, and evenings. You need to make sure that your group all get up, get breakfast, get to class, get to activities, attend the counselor meeting, get to bed on time, etc. Our students are still young enough to require constant monitoring, which will be your main priority as a counselor at MathPath. You will help to organize athletic and social activities and weekend trips. You will need to be a team player, enforcing the rules consistently with other counselors so that the students feel they are being treated fairly. During the 4 weeks of camp you will get a couple of full days off, and every day you will have a couple of hours off, but when you're on duty you will have to concentrate 100% on your work.

But your job is also in part a mathematics position. Since this is a mathematics camp, we find it essential to have counselors who are interested and competent in mathematics. You will be asked to attend classes and lectures, in part to monitor the behavior of the students, but also in part to assist the professor as they may see fit, especially during Conferencing Time (office hours). Most years, one or two counselors get the opportunity to teach a week-long course of their own. It is part of your job to get to know the students (particularly your advisees), which often means talking about interesting math with them, assisting them with their homework, or telling them about your own mathematical story or about life at your college or university.

In recent years counselors have spent perhaps 10-15% of their time on math. We have plans to increase that somewhat, plans to increase your interaction with the faculty, and plans to increase your role as a bridge between the students and the faculty.

A number of our students are quite good at regional and national math contests (and sometimes other competitions, e.g., the National Spelling Bee). We need one or two counselors who were/are good at contests too, and maybe went to MathPath or another math camp themselves, to connect with these students. We hope to get a few applications from undergrads who wish to help give to others the sort of formative experience they had earlier in their own lives.

So imagine spending a month at another college or university, with professors and mathematics teachers who are experts at communicating their love of mathematics and problem solving. And of course, you'll make friends with the other undergraduate counselors whose backgrounds will be both similar to and different from your own.

In addition, you will be exposed to some of the important issues of mathematics education, such as how to illustrate deep ideas simply and how to entice young minds and develop their tenacity.

Along with other experiences you may acquire in other summers or during term time (e.g., research, study abroad, a thesis), MathPath can help give you a very broad and attractive resume.

if you love both mathematics and kids, this job can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience.

The base counselor salary at MathPath 2019 will be $3250. Counselors returning for their 2nd year receive $3500. Counselors returning for their 3rd year or more receive $3750. Counselors are generally expected to arrive in the morning on the Friday two days before students arrive and depart on the Tuesday two days after students leave. Travel allowance (usually covering your full travel cost), meals, and a single room in the dormitory are provided.

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