Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14 years
who show high promise and love mathematics

Student Comments

Mathpath 2010 held at Macalester College
Saint Paul MN
June 27 – July 25, 2010

On this page are quotes from MathPathers who have also been to other math summer programs.


CTY Math Sequence: MP is better since you get to pick what to study. Also, you get to do whatever you want in free time at MathPath.

MathPath has better mathematical activities than CTY 5-6 grade, and people are allowed more freedom. I like the library trips.

MathPath has much more interesting mathematics and student life than CTY.


MathPath had more interesting math than EPGY, because we got to choose what we want and the teachers were better. In EPGY the counselors were probably more helpful.


MathPath is the best math camp ever. Even more awesome than AwesomeMath! We get to learn interesting topics.

(The next several paragraphs are all one response.)

As one of the few who have attended both the camps, I think I can compare both the programs. MathPath and AwesomeMath are both excellent summer math programs for bright students with excellent aptitude as well as strong interest in Math. However, they have slightly different objectives, mode of operation, and student population. MathPath is aimed at primarily middle school students within age range 11-14, while AwesomeMath is aimed at primarily early high school students. MathPath also has plenary sessions, where several distinguished Mathematicians lecture about some special topics in Math.

If someone is a middle school student in the age range 11-14, I strongly recommend going to MathPath, where (s)he can get an introduction to various areas of Mathematics, which they never get either in their school curriculum or other math programs I know. MathPath is undoubtedly the best math summer program for middle school students. It has the best blend of Math, other intellectually stimulating activities and lots of fun. I'll rate MathPath a 10 in a 10 point scale. Also, in MathPath, as the kids are middle schoolers, they make sure that kids are always under supervision and well taken care of.

If someone is a high school student, (s)he can go to either MathCamp, where they can get in-depth exposure to subjects that are typically not covered even until graduate school in a normal math curriculum or AwesomeMath, where they can get in-depth exposure to two specific areas of Math, such as Number Theory, Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry.

Once again, I thank you for giving me an opportunity to go through MathPath. I'll cherish the experience forever (and I'll never forget Dr. Conway's antics such as eating the bag!).

Mathcounts camps

Compared to previous Mathcounts camps, MathPath involves more interesting concepts of math like ways to prove things.

Other camps

Much more awesome – the others felt like extra weeks of school.

[MathPath is] much better than one I attended through MD Summer Centers. Much harder and enriching.

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