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Scholarships 2013

SCHOLARSHIPS (merit-based reductions)

By Merit Scholarships we mean reductions independent of family income. We have three groups of merit scholarships, one for high achievement on the AMC, the second for high achievement in MATHCOUNTS, the third for high achievement in Canadian competitions. A student can have one scholarship from each of two groups, up to a total value of full tuition.

Scholarships are only for students who have been admitted to MathPath and have chosen to attend, and can only be used to offset the MathPath fees. Furthermore, qualification for any of the scholarships below does not mean that you will be admitted. In general, you must apply to MathPath in the normal way and your admissions decision will be based on our own Qualifying Test and your recommendations.

AMC Scholarships

  1. AMC8 Scholarships
    There is a $250 scholarship for a perfect score of 25 on the AMC8 given in November, 2012. There is a $125 scholarship for a score of 24 on the 2012 AMC8.

  2. AMC10 Scholarships
    There is a $250 scholarship for a score of 135 or more on either version of the AMC10 given in February 2013.

  3. AMC12 Scholarships
    There is a $250 scholarship for a score of 125 or more on either version of the AMC12 given in February 2013.
Again, these AMC scholarships are not cumulative. You may only have one – whichever has the highest value.

MATHCOUNTS Scholarships

  1. MATHCOUNTS State Winners
    There is a $250 scholarship for each student who wins a slot on a 2013 state or territorial team at MATHCOUNTS nationals, that is, for each state winner.

  2. MATHCOUNTS National Winners
    There is one full scholarship of $4500 for the boy scoring highest among boys from grade 6 or 7 on the written part of the 2013 national competition – unless that boy has already attended MathPath. There is one full scholarship of $4500 for the girl scoring highest among girls from grade 6 or 7 on the written part of the 2013 national competition – unless that girl has already attended MathPath. If one of these students is not eligible for our scholarship, or declines it, we may offer a half scholarship to the next eligible boy or girl.

Canadian Scholarships

    There is a US$250 scholarship for a perfect score on any one of the Waterloo or Mathematica Centrum exams given in spring 2013 for students of middle school age. Thus a perfect score on the 2013 Waterloo Gauss exam receives a $250 scholarship, as does a perfect score on the 2013 Pythagoras, Euler, or Lagrange exams from the Mathematica Centrum. Again, these Canadian scholarships are not cumulative; you may have only one. Also, since these exams are given late in the school year, results may not be posted publicly before camp begins, in which case we will rely on verification from the school supervisor.


1) Each scholarship is for achievement in the 2012-13 academic year only and applies to tuition for MathPath 2013 only. A perfect score on the 2011 AMC8 was good for MathPath 2012, but not for MathPath 2013. Likewise, a scholarship for a perfect score this year cannot be held for MathPath 2014.

2) Merit scholarships cannot be combined with financial aid (need-based reductions). You may take one or the other, whichever lowers your tuition more.

3) Merit scholarships must be requested in a timely fashion. Eligibility for merit scholarships must be reported on your registration form if it is already known (we will verify it), and it must be taken into account in computing the payment you submit with your registration. Later requests for refunds will not be honored. However, some results leading to merit scholarships may not be known until after you register. In this case, we will make a refund, but only if you inform us of eligibility by May 31, which is the final date for payments.

Parents: Was your child admitted early, and you would like to get the early-payment fee reduction, but you don't know yet if you child qualifies for a merit scholarship? This could happen, for example, because admission occurred before your MATHCOUNTS State meet. In light of 3) above, go ahead and pay. Inform us by May 31 that your child has qualified for one of our merit scholarships and (after we verify it) the scholarship amount will be moved to his/her camp spending account, or refunded. (It will help if you inform us earlier than May 31, preferably as soon as you know.)



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