Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Installment Payments and Local Fundraising – 2010


Families must pay the full amount they owe by May 31 – with one exception. You can ask to make installment payments. In this case you must still pay an initial deposit by May 31 of $1000, but then you may pay your balance in monthly installments at a 1% per month rate of interest. To arrange for monthly payments and to find out the amount, please email the MathPath Treasurer, Mr Alan Lippert.


If your annual gross family income is less than $50,000, MathPath will help you organize fundraising in your community. Success will be in proportion to your effort and to the academic reputation of the student in the community. After the student qualifies, please call our Executive Director, George Thomas, at 415-830-3838 to receive fundraising instructions.



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