Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics


Refund requests must be made in writing – either email ( or postal mail (Alan Q Lippert, MathPath Treasurer; 4052 94th Ave SE; Mercer Island WA 98040). The Late Application Fee ($25) is not refundable. In most cases refunds are issued in 30 days; see Late Repayment of Refunds below.

Refund Requests Prior To Camp
While the parent or legal guardian is responsible for paying the student's camp fee, they also have the right to cancel. If the request to cancel is received by May 31, only an administration fee of $100 will be charged. This means, if a deposit or full payment has been made, the total amount paid will be refunded less the administration fee of $100. For requests received after May 31, no refund is made unless the student cannot come to camp due to medical reasons and has appropriate documentation from a physician. In this case, the total amount paid is returned less an administration fee of $100. If the request is not due to medical reasons, then the parent/guardian of the student is responsible to pay the full fee that had been assessed ($4500 less any reductions at the time of payment). The reason for this requirement is that if the money is not received, it would represent a financial loss for the camp, as it has to pay the host institution for the student due to contractual obligations. Thus even installment payers, who have not yet paid their full fee, must arrange to pay their full fee if they withdraw after May 31 and it is not for medical reasons.

Refund Requests During Camp
Requests made after the camp has commenced will be considered similarly to requests made after May 31 prior to camp. Thus, no refund will be made unless the student can not continue to attend camp due to medical reasons of a physical nature. In the event of discontinuance due to medical reasons – as attested by physician – the camp fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. Homesickness or mental problems will not be considered as enabling factors for refunds.

There has been only one request for refund since the inception of the camp.

Late Repayment of Refunds
Deposits and early full payments are used to pay various pre-camp expenses and thus funds are not always immediately available for refunds. In some circumstances, especially for payments made in May, money will not be available to make refunds until July 15 or later. When refunds cannot be made until July, for each full month between the time that a refund request is made and the refund is made, MathPath will pay 1/2% interest on the refunded amount.

Special Circumstances
The policy above was formulated several years ago and is meant to address individual situations. What if there is a general disruption, say an pandemic that closes the camp or shuts down airlines, or a natural disaster that disrupts the host institution? In such cases MathPath cannot guarantee refunds to everyone affected. We, like other institutions, would have to play such an unprecedented situation by ear, and our ability to make even partial refunds would depend on how much money we can get back from the host institution and others we have already paid.



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