Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Scholarships, Financial Aid, Instalment Payments, and Local Fundraising

There are merit scholarships for three groups of students.

1. AMC8 Perfect Scorers
All students with perfect scores in the AMC8 competition are eligible for a scholarship of $250 to attend for four weeks. Perfect scorers who are younger and opt to attend camp for two weeks are eligible for $125.

2. MathCounts National Winners
The one male student and the one female student in grade 6 or 7 who score highest in the written examination in the MathCounts National Competitions are each eligible for a full scholarship of $4500 to attend camp for four weeks.

3. MathCounts State Winners
The four state winners from each state in the MathCounts state competitions are eligible for a scholarship of $250 for four weeks, $125 for two weeks.

Each scholarship is good for one year. For instance, if a student receives an AMC8 perfect score in Fall 2008, the scholarship is good for MathPath 2009 but not for MathPath 2010 (unless the student gets a perfect score again in Fall 2009).

A student can get more than one scholarship up to a maximum of $4500. Thus a student who is an AMC8 perfect scorer and who is also a MathCounts state winner gets a scholarship of $500 to attend for four weeks and pays the remaining fee of $4000.

Since students come from families of all financial backgrounds, we also offer need-based financial aid up to $1000. The aid is computed linearly as follows:

For households with gross income of $50,000 or less, the total fee is $3500. For gross household income at or above $110,000, it is $4500. For household incomes in the range of $50,000 - $110,000, the fee formula is

Fees = (1/60)(gross household income) + $2666.67

The gross household income is the household income before deductions as reported on your 2008 national income tax return. If parents work in more than one country or if income is generated from more than one country, the household income is the sum of the respective incomes without deductions.

Financial aid is not automatic; it depends on what funds MathPath has available, the strength of the student’s application, and timely submission of financial data. However, financial aid is independent of merit scholarships. That is, a student on scholarships may also receive undiminished aid, provided the total does not exceed $4500.

Financial aid application procedure and decisions. You apply for aid by a simple checkoff on the camp application, but you must apply early. We will inform you whether aid is offered with your admissions decision or shortly thereafter. The exact amount of aid is determined after you submit your tax forms.

In more detail, to apply for financial aid:

  1. Submit the camp application postmarked no later than March 31, with the financial aid box checked off.
  2. All admitted students receive a registration packet, which contains a Registration Form that must be returned by a certain date (the registration deadline), along with a deposit fee of $1000. If in addition we can offer you financial aid, it will say so in the registration packet (and probably earlier in the email admission offer).
  3. If you are offered aid, then along with the Registration Form and the deposit fee you must submit a copy of the page(s) of your national tax return(s) for the year preceding the camp. If this tax information is not yet available, you will still need to send the completed registration form and fee deposit of $1000 no later that the registration deadline. The tax information should be mailed to the address we state on the form as soon as possible, and postmarked no later than May 31.

The initial fee deposit at registration is $1000. You may choose to pay the balance in six monthly instalments at a 12% annual percentage rate of interest. Please email or call 415-830-3838 to find out the amount of the monthly payments.

If your annual gross family income before taxes is less than $50,000, MathPath will help you organize a fundraising in your community. The fundraising will raise funds in proportion to your effort. After the student qualifies, please call 415-830-3838 to receive fundraising instructions.

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