MathPath is a program run by a collection of mathematicians.
Mailing Address: Mathpath, Box 414, 3560 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron, MI 48060
Tel. (519) 438-1441     Fax (519)434-6244

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The camp fee for each student includes tuition, room, board, transportation from/to airport/bus/train while arriving/departing, and all camp activities. 

Application Fee (Non-refundable)   $20

Camp Fee                                     $1990
(For applications with February 16 postmark deadline)
Additional $100 for each deadline passed. 

In calculating your cost, please consider also travel.

There are no student scholarships, but the fees have been kept low.
If you need help with costs, relatives - grand parents, and the aunts and uncles of the student - should be tapped first. Next, parents are encouraged to consider local sources. School districts, community service organizations, and businesses often provide modest financial help if your gross income is low - say, lower than $50,000 - and the student is already known in the community as a math whiz.