Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

Fees 2011

Reduction for early full payment

At the time of registration, parents/guardians must pay a deposit of $1000. (You receive the registration materials by email along with word of admission.) The rest of the fee need not be paid until May 31. However, paying early helps us keep down costs, so we offer a generous incentive. For each full month prior to May 31 that your full fee is received, there will be a 1% reduction.

Example. Suppose your full payment is received March 20, which is 2 full months before the May 31 due date. Then you need only pay

4500 – .02 x 4500 = 4500 – 90 = 4410.

Now suppose that your full fee is only $4250, because your student received an AMC8 pefect score. Then in mid March you need only pay

(4500-250) – .02 x (4500-250) = 4250 – 85 = 4165.
(special case)

Worried about paying early because later you may change your mind? The same policy applies to refunds of early full payments as applies to deposits. You get everything except $100 back. See Refunds for details and special cases.

You want to pay in the fall to get a big reduction, but you don't know yet if you qualify for a scholarship because the exam is yet to be taken? Go ahead and pay. The scholarship amount will be refunded, or moved to your camp spending account.

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