Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics


Reduction for early full payment

At the time of registration, parents/guardians must pay a deposit of $1000. (You receive the registration materials by mail shortly after hearing about admission by email.) The rest of the fee need not be paid until the student arrives at camp. However, paying early helps us keep down costs, so we offer an incentive. For each full month prior to the start of camp that your full fee is received, there will be a 1% reduction.

Example. Suppose your full payment is received April 20, which is 2 full months before the start of camp on June 28. Suppose further that your full fee is $4250 (because your student received an AMC8 pefect score). Then you need only pay

4250 &ndash .02 x 4250 = 4250 &ndash 85 = 4165.

The registration packet will contain further instructions for submitting full payment.

Worried about paying early because later you may change your mind? The same policy applies to refunds of early full payments as applies to deposits. See Refunds

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