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2016 Fall Fundraiser – One Challenge Met, Can We Now Meet Another?

During the holiday season, we often reflect on what we are grateful for. If you are grateful for MathPath, please consider a donation. It will truly help us accomplish our mission, and each year the amazing generosity of all of you together has been an inspiration to all of us on the staff.

Gifts to MathPath are tax deductible for US taxpayers, and donors will receive a confirmation.

Once again two generous donors established a matching challenge. They are matching every dollar people give to MathPath, in donations of $1000 or less per person, up to $9,000 total. All donations of $1000 or less made from the close of camp on July 24, 2016, through December 31, 2016, count towards the challenge.

Flash: as of the morning of Dec 28 we had collected $9811 in small and middling donations (and some larger donations too). You met the challenge. Thank you!

Can we extend the challenge? $10K is too easy. Can we reach $15K of donations $1000 or less? Actually, at this point the number of donations is more important than the amount. A high participation level shows big donors that they would be supporting a quality program that participants care about.

Why Donate when we have already done so well?

As announced on our homepage, MathPath recently got a donation of $200,000. This by itself is more than twice the total fund raising in our previous best year and several times the total in most years. Why beseech you for more?

Answer: The MathPath Board decided to use this special donation to begin an endowment. While an endowment helps permanently, it only helps a little in any given year. Typically one can only spend 4% of of an endowment yearly if it is to keep its value in constant dollars. That's only $8000 in this case, well below what we planned on from yearly fundraising in the past. Thus we need more donations for two purposes: to support our yearly operating budget (specifically providing financial aid) and to grow the endowment. The endowment needs to be much bigger to be truly effective. It may take many years but we will get there, with your help.

in addition to financial aid there are other ways your contributions do or will help the operating budget. Turns out it's not always so easy to find the candidates most deserving financial aid and then to convince them to apply. We hope to increase such search efforts. Also as the amount of funds we raise increases, the amount of accounting oversight required by states in which we register to do business increases, and this requires more money as well.

How to Donate

We have two ways to donate: mail us a check or give online with PayPal.

Online is certainly convenient, and a PayPal account is not needed; you can use your credit card. However, online services take a cut, about 3% in our case. If you would like 100% of your donation to go to MathPath, send a check. This especially makes a difference for large amounts (and thus the online option is only for donations, not for program fees).

To donate through PayPal: Click the Donate button below and fill out the form that appears on screen. On the last page, the review page before you click Donate, click on Special instructions to the payee and put the following in the box that appears.

  1. State whether your gift is for the endowment or for financial aid and other operating costs.
  2. State whether you wish to be anonymous for our webpage of donors.
  3. If you are a parent, please indicate the name and year(s) of the MathPather(s) in your family.
  4. If you would like your donation to be in honor of a specific MathPath staff member, say so – in time we may set up special scholarships named after some staff members.


To donate by check: Make out the check to MathPath. Mail it to

John Howe, Treasurer
63 Fairview Rd
Skillman NJ 08558

As soon as the check is mailed, send an email to John Howe with a copy to Steve Maurer, letting them know it's coming and answering the 4 questions above.

Also, some banks allow you to do electronic fund transfers (ACH) to some other banks for free. Our main account is with Wells Fargo, and Mr Howe can give you our routing number and account number if you want to check with your bank whether you can do an ACH transfer for free or low cost.

Employer Matching. Sometimes we qualify for employer matching, sometimes we don't. If your employer will support any nonprofit or any "public charity", we do. If they only support accredited academic institutions, we don't, because technically we do not run a school but rather a self-improvement conference. However, if an employer won't classify us as an educational institution, they may agree to classify us as a youth or civic organization, which is often another category they fund.

If your employer matches, they may want you to channel your part of the contribution through them, rather than through PayPal or a personal check. Please avoid this if you can, as it has meant a long delay (months) before we get your contribution. In any event, your employer will surely want some additional information about us, such as our EIN (tax ID) and our legal address. If you or your employer needs additional information to arrange an employer match, please contact Mr Howe.

Thank you!

At Thanksgiving someone asked my son Zachary what he was thankful for in 2009. He said he was most thankful for getting to go to MathPath!

Dr Greg Connor
Parent and donor

I'm very appreciative for my understanding of mathematics because it provides a key input into the most important skill that is required as an adult - critical thinking and the ability to make informed decisions.

Elijah Kempton
Friend of MathPath

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