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How to Apply for 2019 - Students who attended or were admitted before

In most past years most alumni who reapplied (and students who were admitted before but chose not to attend) were readmitted, but no one is readmitted automatically. 2018 was the 'worst' year yet for alumni. Of the 30 alumnni who completed applicatios, 25 were admitted (2 of whom later decided not to attend) and 5 were not. Several of those alumni not admitted applied at the end of the admissions period, when there are many good candidates and few remaining seats.

Admissions each year depends on the pool, which generally gets larger and stronger each year. However, alumni are a "known quantity", which generally is an advantage, except in two circumstances: 1) too many alumni apply, or 2) your second QT does not show much signs of growth over your first QT. As for 1), typically between 20 and 30 alumni apply and we would not consider capping until we got at least 30 completed alumni applications. As for 2), please take the 2019 QT as seriously as you took your previous QT. See if you can apply any of the methods you learned at MathPath to the problems or if you can use any of the advice your received about writing.

The best advice for alumni is to reapply early, and to submit your QT early, say by the end of Christmas vacation (but not by skimping on time to think about it or to write it up). We are unlikely to impose a cap early, and you will have avoided the end-of-application season rush of applications.

The financial aid situation is different for alumni. See below.

The procedure for 2019 depends on whether you have already been to MathPath twice.

If you have been to MathPath exactly once: You need to submit the online application and the QT (Qualifying Test). Neither is ready yet; look for them starting in mid-September. You do not need new recommendations. If you had behavioral issues at MathPath (senior staff had to talk to you or your parents about your behavior, or there is something negative about behavior in your end-of-camp letter) we may put restrictions on your re-admission. .

Why make you do another QT? First, because we use it in the writing plenaries, everybody needs to be familiar with the 2019 QT. Second, we want to see what you have learned about writing and proving from your first stay at MathPath. We will compare your work on the new QT with your previous QT work.F

If you were admitted before but didn't attend: The general procedure is the same as if you had atended once.

If you have attended MathPath twice already: Before you do anything else write to Prof Maurer / Mr. M at and explain why you think an additional year will be useful for you and beneficial for the camp. Why do you think there will be enough appropriate courses for you that you haven't taken already? Are you prepared to take a leadership role in classes or in extracurriculars that you haven't taken before? Or perhaps you have in mind other ways to give back to MathPath.

If you convince Mr M that a third year will indeed be really beneficial, then all you need to do is fill out the online questionnaire and you will be admitted (if you had behavioral issues in your 2nd year there may be restrictions). You do not need to submit the new QT. Of course you should still do it before camp starts so that you will gain value from the writing plenaries.

Finances. The prepayment reduction for the 2019 camp will be: a 0.5% reduction for each full month that the full payment is mad e before May 31. Full payment can be made immediately after admission, but not sooner. You can get almost all your money back if you pay early and then have to cancel; see early payment for details. Thus if your child is readmitted before winter, it is probably advantageous to pay the full early-pay amount, even if you are not entirely sure he or she will attend.

The financial aid policy for returning students will be as follows:

  • Students who have attended MathPath once are eligible for aid, but not as much as new students. Generally, if a new student would be asked to pay $x, then a 2nd year student with the same financial situation will be asked to pay the larger of 300+x and 1.25x. Furthermore, if financial aid funds are getting tight, financial aid decisions for 2nd year students may simply be deferred until we know if we have enough to fund all new students who qualify for aid. Or the formula for aid to 2nd year students may be changed to provide less to each student.

  • Students who have already attended MathPath twice are not eligible for any financial aid.

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