Summer math enrichment program for students age 11-14
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Special Message from the Executive Director
Concerning MathPath 2018

Why should you consider a summer math camp, in particular, us?

Because you will have so much fun!.

Fun because you will be with your tribe. Fun because of the math. Fun because of the leisure activities.

Math Fun. Each week you pick 2 courses from 12 options. In recent years we have had courses about non-Euclidean Geometry (there may be no parallel lines), Fair Division (how math helps ensure fairness), Cryptography (secret codes), the Mathematics of Origami, Mathematica (the computer program), Heavenly Mathematics (how the ancient Greeks invented trigonometry to measure the heavens and the earth) and Knot Theory (how can you tell if two knots are the same?). Sometimes we have a problem writing course and sometimes a Kendoku course. We also have several competitions practice courses, typically MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, 10, 12, AIME and Olympiad level. Every day we have a puzzle Problem of the Day. We also teach material that is standard to mathematicians but not covered well in school, e.g., combinatorics, number theory, symbolic logic, and induction. Finally, each year some faculty teach some one-of-a-kind courses that are hard to categorize because of their catchy titles, for instance, in the last three years we have had Guessing Games, Ford Circles and Farey Tales, The Abelian Sandpile Model, Exploding Dots, It Slices It Dices, and Polygon Differencing Games, among others. You get a lot of choice of what to study. Take a look at our course list and our course catalog for last summer, accessible from here. (Sometime in spring 2018 this link will instead go to the course catalog for the coming summer.)

Leisure fun. Leisure activities typically include: chess, table tennis, card games, arts and crafts, music, dancing, soccer, basketball, tennis, and pickleball (pickleball?). Not to mention just hanging out with other mathy, zany kids. We also have optional off-campus trips like cycling, water sports, rock climbing, and museums. It all depends on the location and what new ideas the counselors think up. In summer 2018 we will be at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Portland is a wonderful location for the summer: little rain and pleasantly cool nights. The snow-capped Cascade Mountains are an hour or two to the east. The Pacific Ocean is an hour to two to the west. What activities do you want?

Take a look at these photos. We picked out about 45 particularly illustrative photos about MathPath from the last few years. Look particularly at photos labeled MathPath 2015. That was the previous year we were at Lewis & Clark and we will be using the same dorm and many of the same classrooms as before. If you wonder exactly what is going on in some of these photos, you will just have to get admitted and come to find out.

But don't take our word for how great MathPath is; check out the many comments by "MathPathogens" themselves. Click on the student comments in the navbar to the left, both the comments on our own site and on the AoPS MathPath Forum. Caution: Mostly what they say is accurate, but not always.☺ (Parents, if you are reading this, naturally you will want to click on the parent comments!)

So, ready to apply?

Please take the first easy step: fill out our 2018 online application form. It takes about 10 minutes and there's no application fee. Next start on our QT (Qualifying Test); it takes some time and thought, but if you like the problems, MathPath is for you. Most applicants spend a few weeks on the QT on and off. Yes, a few weeks, and some of that time you will be stuck and frustrated, but that is not a bad sign. Creative frustration is part of being a mathematician!

Before long be sure to go to the How to Apply page near the top of the navbar. It gives the complete description of how to apply, including details about submitting the QT.

We hope to hear from you. If you will be 11–14 this summer, MathPath is the one national math camp just for you. Questions are welcome. To contact us, see the bottom of the navbar.


Executive Director, MathPath
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, Swarthmore College

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