Headshot Needed

Dear 2019 MathPath Families,

Before camp, MathPath will compile a collage of all students and counselors - headshots with names underneath - to be posted in a commons area at the very beginning of the program so that it is easy for everyone to get to know everyone else. It serves as a helpful reference for us.It will also be posted as a reference on google docs for faculty and staff (but not students or parents) to study.

Please send your photos to this email address: MP Academic Assistant mathpath.academics@gmail.com.

The Specifications:

  1. The photo must be a headshot of your MathPather, and ONLY your MathPather (no families, friends, pets, etc). The photo must be a full frontal view, down through the shoulders. For a good example of this and the the light background requirement below, see the photo of Prof. Melissa Lynn of the 2018-19 MathPath faculty. The photos are in alphabetical order.
  2. The photo must be in color.
  3. The photo should be taken against a plain white or light-colored background. Please avoid shadows, reflection or glare on the face or glasses, red eyes, and sunglasses.
  4. The photo should not be fuzzy when printed 4" high. The right file size should be 300Kb-500Kb (NOT over 1Mb, and NOT below 100Kb). The pixel size of the photo is not specified, but the height is approximately 1.25 times the width.
  5. The file should be a .jpg or .jpeg if possible. If the student is Ann Smith, the photo file should be named SmithAnnPhoto.jpg. More precisely, the photo should be named SmithAnnPhoto.jpg if Ann Smith is what the student wants to be called at MathPath. The student may actually be named Anabelle Smith, but if she strongly prefers to be called Ann, then we go along with that.
  6. The photo should be submitted as an attachment to an email, which can otherwise be blank.The subject line of the email should be "Smith Ann Photo for MathPath" and should be submitted to mathpath.academics@gmail.com.
  7. The photo must be received by 11:59pm EDT, Friday, May 31, preferably earlier. Unlike the forms which must be submitted together, this can be submitted separately. It has to be because it's a different format, JPEG instead of PDF.

PRIVACY POLICY: The headshot photos we are collecting, or will take at camp, are solely for the purpose of identification of students at camp. As noted, they will be posted on a wall in our private dorm, and later, if a student wishes, his/her photo will be printed in the "yearbook" produced at the end of camp for MathPath students and families. In accordance with the photo permission form that you have signed or will soon sign, photos of your children (including these photos) will not be used in public with any personal identification (e.g., on our website) without our requesting and receiving your direct permission.

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