Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics

2019 Information and Forms for Registered Students

On this page are 10 links. The first is to the

2019 MathPath PreCamp Briefing,

which includes all the extra information you need to get ready for MathPath.

The second link is to the

Instructions for the Headshot

you must provide us of your MathPather.

The remaining 8 links are to the 2019 forms that are to be completed, signed and returned to us by May 31, 2019.

The first 6 forms are required; your child cannot attend MathPath without them. The 7th is strongly recommended – every family submitted it last year. The 8th is only for families who wish to allow relatives or friends to take their child off campus.

Submitting the forms. Please, please submit the forms in exactly one of the two formats we explain in the bottom section of this page.

The forms are:

  1. Waiver and Agreement Form. By your signature on this form you do two things. First, you agree not to sue for any mishaps so long as we follow the safety protocols in the PreCamp Briefing, and if you do sue because we didn't follow our protocols, you agree to sue only the MathPath Foundation, not Grand Valley State University and not any individuals associated with either organization. Second, you agree to pay for any medical fees for your child that are not covered by the insurance you hold, and you agree to pay for any loss or damage to facilities caused by your child and charged to us by GVSU.

  2. Behavioral Standards Agreement. In summer 2014, for the first time, we needed to send someone home early because of repeated inappropriate behavior. In hopes to avoid such a need in the future, we developed this agreement, which we hope sets out clearly our behavioral expectations. Better to have our expectations stated up front than introduced piecemeal at MathPath as situations arise. Since both a parent and the MathPath student must sign this agreement, we hope it will provide a good opportunity for you to sit down with your child and discuss proper behavior in a group setting, especially if your child has not been on his or her own away from home for any extended period before, or if your child is used to doing things his or her own way.

    The form is very explicit in naming various unacceptable behaviors. You may wonder, does this stuff really happen at MathPath? Some of it, yes. Most participants don't do or see any such behavior and have a wonderful, cooperative, well-behaved time; but with 105 or more students some students are going to act out some of the time. The explicit examples on the form give you an opportunity to sit down with your child and make sure s/he understands what is inappropriate. Also, your child may want to meet the standards (and thus can sign the form and attend MathPath) but for various reasons may have trouble keeping his/her promise. If so, please say something about this on the health form (below).

  3. Personal Electronics Agreement. By your signature on this form you confirm that you understand and agree to our electronics policy, which last year got stricter (with overwhelming support from the previous year's parents on the end-of-camp survey) and restricts your child from bringing any high tech electronics except a cell phone, with rare exceptions requiring pre-approval. The agreement also releases us and our host from any responsibility or cost if any electronic equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen; strictly limits the use of such equipment at MathPath; and gives us permission to impound equipment which is misued. We want students to bring a cell phone – for use on travel days and to speak regularly with parents – but all other cell phone use is strictly controlled. The details of the policy are spelled out in the Agreement and on pages linked from it.

  4. Photo and Quotation Permission Form. By your signature on this form you grant us permission to make public use of photographs including your child and statements made by your child, so long as he or she is not identified by name. If we wish to identify your child by name, we will ask for your additional specific permission.

  5. Mass Email Permission Form. By your signature on this form you grant us permission to use your email address in mass mailings sent before, during, and after camp, so long as we do not reveal your address to anyone you have not given us permission to give it to. This is mostly accomplished by sending mass mailings to bcc lists and by giving you the option to be removed from the lists after camp has ended.

  6. Health Form. This gives us basic health, medication, diet and health insurance information about your child, and authorizes us to act in your stead if your child requires emergency medical treatment. Of course we will try to contact you – you provide emergency contact information on the form – but sometimes decisions must be made sooner than you can be reached. If your child has an insurance card, get it out when you go to fill out this form, as you will need to scan it or transfer information from it.

    Before completing this form you must have or obtain insurance that fully covers urgent and emergency care at medical facilities in the Grand Rapids area. ("Urgent care" and "emergency care" are defined terms in healthcare policies, which distinguish the care from "routine care", which can wait until your child gets home.) Coverage should be effective until August 1 and must also cover any hospitalization extending beyond August 1.

    This form also has spaces to list allergies, medications taken, and other special conditions. For instance, this is your opportunity to tell us about diet restrictions, whatever their reason. College dining halls are quite used to dealing with special diets these days, once they know about them. They can manage almost any restrictions. We will share with the dining hall a summary of the food restrictions from the health forms. Be sure to tell us the severity of any special conditions; if something is life-threatening, we need to know.

    Both you and your pediatrician must sign this health form. Your pediatrician must sign twice and you must sign several times, If your child has not had a physical within 12 months of the start of MathPath, in most American states your pediatrician will require a new physical before signing the form. Physicals must often be scheduled far in advance. Therefore, please get busy on the medical form right away so that your pediatrician signs it in time for you to get it to us by May 31. Exception: those of you admitted in May who need a new physical may schedule the physical in June if no May dates are left.

    Canadians: Your government health insurance does not cover you in the US. You may obtain temporary US insurance from Canadian banks, and no doubt other sources online.

  7. Recreational Activities Waiver Form. Outfitters for certain activities (typically tubing, white-water-rafting, kayaking, rock-wall climbing and cycling) insist that the legal guardians of participants sign away their right to sue for injuries except in cases of egregious negligence. Sometimes the host institution requires such forms as well, for something as ordinary as swimming in their pool, but so far we have not been asked to obtain waivers in such cases.

    Typically we finalize each weekend's activities just a few days in advance, not enough time to get the forms out to you for signature and return, even if we wanted to deal with the logistics of all that. Therefore, we have produced a general form where you grant us power of attorney to sign waivers for you (except you may exclude specific activities; see the form).

    We strongly recommend signing the general form. Last year every parent did, with a few excluding a few activities.

    We announce activities to the students a few days in advance. You should always ask your child what activities s/he wants to do in the coming weekend, and you can inquire through your child about the details of any that appear to have risk. If you have signed the Power of Attorney but then decide that you do not wish your child to engage in a specific activity that you did not exclude on the form, simply ask him or her not to sign up. You may send us an email announcing your decision so that you can be sure your child follows it.

    What you cannot do is request a special procedure where we consult with you and answer your questions for each possible trip. There is no time to do this with 105 families. If you are not willing to have waivers signed without personal consultation first, we understand completely, but since such personal consultation is not possible, do not submit the form and your child will not go on any of these trips.

  8. (optional) Student Handover Permission Form where you may designate people other than you, the parents/guardians, to take your child off campus, including to pick him/her up at the end of our program. For instance, if you have a relative or trusted friend who lives near the MathPath location, you could grant them such permission. If there is no one you wish to grant such permission to, don't submit the form. If there is someone, you must submit the form. Without this form, we don't release our students to anyone except the parents or guardians.

    The fact that you have given permission does not mean that we will give permission. First, requests to take a student off campus (by people listed on this form or by the parents/guardians themselves) must reach us 2 days in advance. Second, there is a specific protocol for the handoff to make sure it is legitimate; see the Pre-Program Briefing for details. Finally, no one is allowed to take a student off campus if it will mean missing any classes or other key parts of our program. Off-campus trips during our weekends (Sunday-Monday) are allowed, but we strongly discourage more than one or two, or even one for more than one day or one night, as they interfere with the community bonding aspect of our program. Also, Mondays are generally devoted to all-participant trips, so Sunday, when activities are usually optional anyway, is generally a better day to be away. Of course, it also depends on what your child wants; he or she may not want to miss a certain activity or be away from his/her new friends.

Submitting Completed Forms

Because we need to make both paper and electronic copies of your forms, and sort them various ways, and because there will be 105 of you submitting forms, you will cause us a tremendous amount of extra busy work if you do not submit the forms exactly as we describe below. We are asking each of you to take a little extra time to save us a lot of extra time.

Completed forms may be sent as hardcopy by post or packet service, or scanned and sent as email attachments. If you can meet our scanning requirements (below), then we prefer email attachments. Whichever method you use, please send all forms at the same time. For instance, do not send part of the medical form at one time and another part (typically the pages requiring a doctor's signature) later. Better to send all the forms on May 31 than to double our work by sending forms twice. Exception: Those of you admitted in May who can't schedule a physical until June may send the entire health form separately from the rest of the packet. The rest of the packet must still be sent by May 31 and should state that the health form is coming separately due to a late physical.

Also whichever method you use, submit the forms in the order 1-8 above. As for the health form, put the scans of your insurance card right after page 1. If you doctor uses his/her own forms instead of the top half of our page 4, put his/her forms after our page 4.

Additional requirements for hardcopy submission:

  • Print all forms 1-sided. For instance, the health form should require 4 sheets of paper for the form proper, and 2 more sheets for the two sides of the insurance card, if your child has one.

  • Do not staple – we can't run stapled paper through a scanner.

  • Do not fold the forms to mail them in a business size envelope. Mail them unfolded in a 9x12 envelope (or larger) . Our scanner cannot feed in paper that won't lie flat because it has spent several days folded up in the mail.

Additional requirements for electronic submission:

  • The scan must be dark, clear and sufficiently large. For instance, all telephone numbers and policy numbers must be immediately readable. Also, it must be a scan, produced by a scanner, not a series of (cell phone) photos. If you don't have access to a scanner, send us the hardcopies.

  • The attachment must be a single pdf file, not separate pages of pdf or jpg files. Ten 1-page files take almost 10 times as long to open and print as one 10-page file.

  • Please name your pdf file <Lastname>_<Firstname>_Forms.pdf. For instance, if your student's name is Melanie Wu, then your file should be named Wu_Melanie_Forms.pdf. Note the underscores; they are not hyphens.

  • It should not take more than 2Mb to do all the above, even for a 15-page document. In past years we have received some 20Mb documents which weren't even dark and clear; this might happen if, for instance, the scan was set to "photo" or "greyscale" instead of "text and line art", or if a dpi setting greater than 240 was used. It takes several minutes for such bloated files to open and at least as long to print.

Where to send it. The postal address is

c/o Prof Maurer
206 Benjamin West Ave
Swarthmore PA 19081-1421

Please do NOT use Certified Mail or any other service that requires a signature (except perhaps if mailing from overseas from a country with unreliable mail service). If a signature is required and I am not here when the postman comes, or don't hear him, it takes a lot of extra work to arrange a redelivery on a later day when I am here. If you want confirmation of receipt, await my acknowledgement or pay for tracking.

Electronic Submission.  For electronic submission, email to both Prof Maurer and his MathPath Academic Assistant. Their addresses (click once for both) are and

Acknowledgment of Receipt.  We acknowledge receipt of all documentation, usually within two days. If you do not received acknowledgment within a reasonable time, please inquire by email with the person to whom you sent it.

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