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Faculty 2014

The following are the instructors who will teach for at least one week at MathPath 2014, listed in alphabetical order.
Glen Van Brummelen
Quest University, British Columbia, Canada

Distinguished mathematical historian, with special expertise in Islamic mathematics and astronomy, and president of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Professor Van Brummelen returns in 2014 for his 11th year at MathPath. He is author of The Mathematics of the Heavens and the Earth: The Early History of Trigonometry. His new book, Heavenly Mathematics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry, is based partly on his Mathpath breakouts.
Jane Butterfield
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota, moving to the University of Victoria in British Columbia

Professor Butterfield studies graph theory and combinatorics. She has successfully talked about it to many different types of audiences and age ranges. Her research area is extremal graph theory, but she also enjoys topological graph theory as well as Ramsey games and pursuit games on graphs. While a graduate student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, she received three teaching awards, including the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Then she taught calculus to talented high school students for the Math Center for Educational Programs at the University of Minnesota. This is her 2nd consecutive year at MathPath. When not working on math, she is a follower of Chado (the way of tea) and is a member of the Urasenke school of tea.
Owen Byer
Professor of Mathematics, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg VA

Like the rest of the Mathpath faculty, Owen is a lover of beautiful mathematics, especially topics from Discrete Mathematics. In recent years he has become fond of geometry, coauthoring the text "Methods for Euclidean Geometry," published in 2010 by the Mathematical Association of America. Owen's favorite courses to teach are History of Mathematics and Probability. This will be Owen's 3rd year at MathPath. His favorite hobbies include playing basketball and duplicate bridge.
Silva Chang
Lecturer, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado at Boulder
As director of the Colorado Math Circle, coach of the Colorado ARML Team, and five-time coach of the Colorado MATHCOUNTS Team, Ms. Chang has mentored and taught MOSP attendees, USAMO qualifiers, and state MATHCOUNTS champions. Her son is a former MathPath participant and daughter a former MathPath counselor. In addition to MATHCOUNTS courses, at MathPath Ms. Chang teaches Mathematica courses and mathematical origami courses. This will be her 7th summer at MathPath.
David Clark
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, moving to Grand Valley State University, Michigan

David spends his days teaching calculus to talented high school students in the Mathematics Center for Educational Programs at the University of Minnesota. He also runs the UMTYMP Summer Program, an enrichment camp for talented Twin Cities area students. David studies combinatorics -- the art and science of counting in interesting ways. In particular, David researches links between geometry and modern communications and loves to create hands-on activities which help students learn about these topics. This is his 2nd consecutive year at MathPath. Beyond mathematics, David is an avid hiker, backpacker, biker, and boardgamer.
John H. Conway
John von Neumann Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University

Conway is one of the great creative thinkers of our time and a master of mathematics communication with mathematical audiences at all levels. Conway originally suggested the name MathPath as fitting a national program for the very young students beginning their journey on the mathematical path. Conway will be present in 2014 for the 2nd week.

Giuliana Davidoff
Professor of Mathematics, Mount Holyoke College

This is Giuliana's 2nd time teaching at MathPath. Since 1984, she has been on the faculty at Mount Holyoke, where she has taught almost everything in the mathematics curriculum, as well as a bit of ancient Greek literature, Marx, and Freud. Her research interests focus on number theory, automorphic forms, and their applications. In addition to being the co-author of two books one entitled "Elementary Number Theory, Group Theory, and Ramanujan Graphs" and the other "Geometry of Numbers", she is the the co-author of a set of computer laboratories in mathematical experimentation. When not involved with mathematics, she prefers to be found on a tennis court or a ski slope
Matthew DeLong
Professor of Mathematics, Taylor University, Indiana
Professor DeLong has won two national teaching awards from the Mathematical Association of America (2005 Alder Award, 2012 Haimo Award). Although this is his first summer at MathPath, he has taught summer mathematics courses for high ability high school and middle school students several times. He has also been a successful mathematical contest coach at both the college and elementary school levels. His mathematical interests are primarily in knot theory and number theory. In addition, he enjoys performing and directing choral music and musical theatre.
Thomas Drucker
Department of Mathematics, Univ. of Wisconsin at Whitewater
An expert in the history and philosophy of mathematics, Drucker has contributed to and edited books and journals on the use of history in the classroom. He speaks about this and related issues in Europe and North America. He is currently Chair of the Wisconsin Section of the MAA (Mathematical Association of America). In addition, he plays a mean table tennis game, and is the man to beat when students are competing in the tournaments he organizes. Professor Drucker returns for his 11th summer at MathPath.

Alan Lippert
Mathematics Teacher and Math Team Coach, retired first from IBM and then from Lakeside Middle School, Seattle, WA

Academic Director of MathPath 2003-2005, with long experience in training highly gifted middle school students for MATHCOUNTS competitions, and with national and regional winners to his credit, Mr. Lippert now gives practice courses and advice for national and regional MATHCOUNTS competitions. But at MathPath he is probably most famous for his daily Problem of the Day and for the great puzzles he gives out as prizes. Also new this year he will concentrate his courses on puzzle math, like Kendoku and Ken Ken. Can you imagine a KenKen puzzle with imaginary numbers? After dinner you can usually find him on the pickleball court.
Stephen Maurer
Professor of Mathematics, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA

Professor Maurer is former Chair of the American Mathematics Competitions, co-author of "Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics" and "Contest Problem Book IV", and an expert on mathematical writing, in which he will lead the students at MathPath through discussion of their solutions to the Qualifying Test. He always teaches a course on mathematical induction, and in recent years has also given various combinatorics courses and something called Linear Set Geometry. Beyond mathematics, he likes trains, gardening, cycling, and zip codes. He used to be able, if you told him where you lived, to tell you your zip code within 5.
William Meyerson
London School of Economics

William was a counselor at MathPath in three of its first five summers, from 2004 through 2006. In those years, he taught a few minicourses of which the most famous was "The Sines Of Our Times", which taught the tricks for computing sin 18 and sin 54 algebraically. After earning a PhD in mathematics from UCLA, he returned to MathPath as an instructor last year. Outside of MathPath, he has pursued mathematical research at MSRI in Berkeley, in Helsinki, and at IPAM back at UCLA, and just before arriving at MathPath will have completed a masters degree in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. At MathPath he plans to teach a course in intermediate number theory and a course in algebraic inequalities during the final week of the program. If you ask him really nicely, he can sing karaoke in Finnish.
Granya O'Neill
Instructor, Lakeside School, Seattle
Ever since childhood, Granya O'Neill has loved math and logic puzzles, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Scientific American each month so that she could pore over Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games column. She has taught math to students of all ages, but particularly enjoys working with middle school students, as she has done for the past eight years at Lakeside Middle School. At Lakeside, she also coaches the math team, preparing students for MATHCOUNTS, AMC, AIME, and USJMO exams. Granya has also taught summer math classes for gifted middle school students at the University of Washington's Robinson Center. When not doing math, she enjoys reading, hiking, and making jam.
Tom Roby
Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Connecticut
Tom Roby is an associate professor of math at UConn, with interests in combinatorics, algebra, and math education. He's been on staff at many summer programs over the years, including the Ross Program (where he was first a student), HCSSiM, and PROMYS (where he was the founding head counselor). He has co-authored a number of textbook series for K-12 published by Harcourt and Holt. He enjoys especially helping others to see the beauty of mathematical ideas and to understand why, not just how procedures and algorithms work. Combinatorics is the perfect field for him, with its rich mixture of concrete objects and high-falutin' abstractions. In his spare time, Tom is an avid folk dancer, sings in a Bulgarian folk music ensemble, and studies ancient Japanese poetry.
Jonathan Rogness
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

Professor Rogness loves to make complex mathematical ideas accessible to students of all ages. He is well known for his beautiful mathematical visualizations, including an award-winning video, Möbius Transformations Revealed, which went viral online and has been viewed by nearly two million people. Rogness is the Director of the University of Minnesota's Mathematics Center for Educational Programs, which runs one of the nation's premier accelerated mathematics programs for middle school students. 2014 will be his 5th year at MathPath.
Kip Sumner
Teacher of Mathematics, returning this fall to Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway after three years in Guangzhou, China
This is his twelfth year as Camp Director, which he enjoys as a change of pace from the classroom. Kip has always been delighted to merely be involved in the movable feast of the MathPath environment, imbibing neat mathematics on the side from the annual assembly of gifted expositors. This year he will have the opportunity to share his interest in some of the theorems and strategies that lurk about Graph Theory, especially appertaining to Ramsey Numbers and Hamiltonian Cycles. His breakout session will probably happen during the third week.

George R. Thomas
Executive Director of MathPath, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of Canada/USA Mathcamp for mathematically talented high school students, Founder and Director of Epsilon and Delta math camps for even younger students
After a short stint of seven years teaching college in South Carolina, Thomas has worked with summer camps he founded. He has taught at these camps since 1993 and is in his 12th year at MathPath. Every week he will give a breakout on another type of geometry, most of them non-Euclidean. He has published journal articles in Extremal Graph Theory and is also a soccer player and an inventor.
Sam Vandervelde
Associate Professor of Mathematics, St. Lawrence University, Canton NY, and Coordinator of the Mandelbrot Competition
Professor Vandervelde delights in presenting beautiful mathematics in an engaging manner to students of all ages. He is an experienced problem solver and problem writer, and has spent a number of summers working with middle school students. Aside from math, he enjoys playing pickleball, leading his church youth group, and downing milkshakes. 2014 will be his 9th year at MathPath.
April Verser
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

April has been involved with MathPath since 2007, making this year her 8th appearance! During the school year, April works as a Residential Counselor at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, helping students with homework, as well as the daily struggles of being gifted young people highly interested in STEM fields. At MathPath, April began as a counselor and evolved into the role of head counselor and administrative assistant. April has loved interesting and elegant mathematics since she was in middle school! Her favorite field of mathematics is graph theory, and she delights in teaching it at MathPath when she gets the chance!!
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