Advanced Summer Program for students age 11-14
who show high promise and love mathematics


A MathPath counselor is first of all a typical camp counselor. Your primary responsibility will be the health, safety and positive experiences of your 8–9 counselees. This will keep you very busy, especially when classes and lectures are not in session, e.g., early morning, early afternoon, and evening, You need to make sure that your group all get up, get breakfast, get to class, get to activities, attend the counselor meeting, get to bed on time, etc. You will help to organize athletic and social activities and weekend trips. You will need to be a team player, enforcing the rules consistently with other counselors so that the students feel they are being treated fairly. During the 4 weeks of camp you will get a couple of full days off and a few hours off each day, but when you're on duty you have to concentrate 100% on your work.

But your job is also a mathematics position. You get to attend scintillating lectures and classes, meet distinguished mathematicians, and talk math as much as you want. You will get to meet and mentor some of the mathematics stars of the future – your counselees – discussing math with them, helping them think about problems from their classes, and telling them about life at your college or university. Counselors often act as assistants in the "breakout" courses, and possibly you will get to run a course of your own.

To get a sense about how these two roles fit together take a look at the MathPath Day.

So imagine spending a month at another college or university in a beautiful setting, with professors and mathematics teachers who are experts at communicating their love of mathematics and problem solving. And of course, you'll make friends with the other undergraduate counselors whose backgrounds will be both similar to and different from your own.

In addition, you will be exposed to some of the important issues of mathematics education, such as how to illustrate deep ideas simply and how to entice young minds and develop their tenacity.

Along with other experiences you may acquire in other summers or during term time (e.g., research, study abroad, a thesis), MathPath can help give you a very broad and attractive resume.

if you love both mathematics and kids, this job can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience.

The base counselor salary at MathPath 2018 will be $3000. Counselors returning for their 2nd year receive $3250. Counselors returning for their 3rd year or more receive $3500. Counselors arrive on the Friday 2 days before students arrive and depart on the Tuesday 2 days after students leave. Travel allowance, meals, and a single room in the dormitory are provided.

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